Breaking New Years Resolutions

Since we’re on the topic of resolutions, I thought I would share a little story.

Once upon a time – and it was quite a long time ago – on about the 7th of January, I threw a “Break Your New Years Resolutions Party” based upon the principle that most people set a big painful resolution: to stop smoking, drink less (“I’ll never get that drunk again”) or to lose weight, and most fail in a month and resume old habits with a deep sense of guilt. So, instead of bemoaning it, struggling and suffering through the cold turkey crunch, and then feeling guilty for ages afterwards, I threw a party which involved a lot of drinking, smoking (out on the balcony, NOT in my apartment, thank you) and too much food – the sweeter and fatter the better.

It was a huge success. We played silly games and everyone relaxed about their Resolutions.

Now-a-days I might not be so keen to throw just such a party, afterall, I don’t think those activities are all that good for you, and now I “know better.” But I think the idea was fun and the principle is still good. Resolutions are good, but lifestyle changes are better. Little-by-little inch-by-inch. Set a goal. Break it down into manageable pieces, and then just keep chipping away at it, and eventually you will be the person you are aiming to be! Fitter, stronger, healthier!

So, whatever you call it, I’d like to wish you Good Luck with your goals, resolutions, vision, lifestyle changes, or new habits for 2011 and beyond!


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