Off to a good start

Focus for the month: New Beginnings

Challenge this month: Eat In Challenge


In the last two days (1st & 2nd Jan) Mat and I cleaned around the house, starting our load of rubbish for the tip. This has cleared the area at the back of the house and will (hopefully) minimise the snake traffic around our back yard. Still much to do, but should only take another day of focused effort. Honestly, it looks so good and is just a sigh of relief for me. We haven’t seen a snake since we started this cleaning process.

We also turned in the side garden bed, and planted out heaps of goodies: potatoes, corn, tomatoes, beetroot, silverbeet, peanuts, spinach, and beans. The back garden had a little retic (automated sprinker system) makeover and we planted out about 50% of the beds with cucmbers, spaghetti squash, butternut pumpkinds, watermellons, zucchini, more beans, lettuce, carrots and a whole variety of asian veggies and herbs. WOW! If even half of this stuff grows we’re going to be swimming in veggies! Once the veggies are off and running I think I might set a Vegetarian Challenge for a month. Or to use only veggies from our garden, or something like that.

We also ordered another 30 varieties of seeds from our favourite place, The Diggers Club. These guys are awesome, focusing on heirloom seeds and helping us save seeds and food variety! Love it! Every little bit we can do to save the world, right?

I also started learning the new Balance routing. I was slow to get started, I found today (Sunday) a bit of a sleepy day, and it took me over 40 minutes to get the timing right on this track. Probably the longest it’s ever taken me to get one track figured out. It’s not complex, just really timing dependent. Once I got it nailed, I just stopped. I want to learn one more track by the end of the day, but decided a break was in order!

Mat almost ordered fish & chips last night, which would have meant a blown Eat In Month Challenge without even passing the 24 hour mark. But the shop wasn’t open, so we had a nice rice, tuna and veggie mix up. I totally LOVE my rice cooker. Best invention in the world! I often just make “rice and” or “pasta and” and toss in whatever’s handy as an easy meal, and it doesn’t fail to be satisfying and nutritious!

All-in-all a satisfying start to the month and to 2011. I hope we can keep up the energy and that our veggie patch grows like mad!

I also got excited about doing that half marathon again, and started planning my training schedule. Funny, I guess I just needed to get into the right frame of mind. I needed to be ready!

Have you had a good start to 2011? Making progress on your goals already?


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