January, here I come

‘Tis the time of New Years Resolutions. We all have them. Everyone’s blogging about them. We’re looking back and looking forward. Some we will achieve, some we won’t. It doesn’t really matter to me if I “fail.” I’m a goal setter, and I like to set big ones so that even if I don’t reach the top, I’ve climbed higher than I might have otherwise. Some goals we set seem like a good idea, but we aren’t actually ready to focus on them for now and they might have to wait until next month or next year (or four years down the track)… and that’s alright, too.

So, I was reading The Fit Bottom Girls recent post on setting goals/resolutions for the year, and they suggest setting a goal for every month. I like that idea. It helps break down the big goals into little action steps, and I know that always keeps me focused. Although their post doesn’t do exactly what I am about to, it certainly inspired me. (Original post here: http://fitbottomedgirls.com/2010/12/a-year-in-fitness-a-goal-for-every-month-of-2011/)

Focus for January: New Beginnings

(refer to: https://chasingtheblackwood.wordpress.com/2010/06/04/reasons-to-run/)

Personal Growth: Praise more. Complain & criticize less. Continue to approach the world with a greater sense of calm. Don’t stress, take a breath, and pull your head in. Oh, and stop using the f-word.

Nutrition: In January, we are going to try the Eat In Month Challenge as posted on A Chic Life (original post here: http://thechiclife.com/2009/12/eat-in-month-challenge—january-2010.html) By “we” I mean my work mates and I. This will be easy for some, because they rarely eat out or enjoy ‘junk’ anyway. It will be harder for others, particularly the young guys who haven’t figured out how to cook anything that doesn’t come wrapped in a microwavable plastic film. I am hoping this will lead me back to eating 2 fruit and 5 veg each day, and make me think ahead when it comes to groceries, meal planning, and getting organised for the next day at work. I am also hoping it will mean I will be eating less sugar.

Fitness: Learn and nail the new Balance release, to be launched on the 10th January. Continue to train and build strength so I can attend Pump training on the 29th & 30th January and not die.

Horses: set up a standard lesson time with Chris and pre-pay for these lessons. Work with Nero and TK each twice a week.

Travel: Contact travel agent and begin sorting out dates, flights and prices for our trip to Canada in March.

Renovations: First objective is to make the back yard less snake-friendly, as we have had a few run-ins with a snake coming into the house. This is a frightening thing! So, we are going to be taking some rubbish to the tip, whipper-snipping the verge, and moving some stuff that we need to store locations further from the house. We were starting this process anyway, but the snake has certainly created a little extra motivation! Mat has also suggested that two major projects will be done in January: the front deck structure should be completed (though the decking surface is unlikely to be installed), and the large garden shed erected in the back yard to improve storage and get things out of the house that don’t belong here! I think getting both done is a little unrealistic, but we can certainly try!

Garden: turn in and mulch the three remaining beds that are still overgrown with weeds and put compost into three good beds. Figure out what will grow at this time of year and plant it. There’s certainly lots we can get started, refer to http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/vegieguide/ and click on ‘arid’ for our region (we actually are on the cusp of arid and temperate, but are more arid in summer and temperate in winter.)

Family: make a trip to Margaret River to see Mat’s Mom and Dad, since we didn’t get to see them this Christmas.

Finances: save $100 towards Christmas 2011, get taxes done, and start putting together a plan for financing our trip to Canada.

I think that’s more than enough for one month! I am going to be busy and I think I should get started!

Are you ready for 2011? Here it comes! 🙂

(PS: having trouble with wordpress, so can’t add tags, do embedded hyperlinks, etc. Sorry for sloppy formatting as a result.)


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