Recaps and Resolutions

2010 was a darn good year. My step-father visited in Jan-Feb on his LTA from Afghanistan, I competed in a 10km run, a 20km endurance ride, two days of a three-day social ride, and completed the Blackwood Marathon as an Iron Woman. Mat’s work went well – beyond expectations, actually – and we were both very busy for the year. Add to that a great visit from some of our Canadian relatives for Christmas, and well, the year started and ended with happiness, and had a whole lot of learning and growing and development in the middle. Loved it.

I did set a New Years Resolution for 2010. I try not to set “lose weight” type goals. My 2010 Resolution was “to approach the world with a greater sense of calm.” I think this worked out for me, though there is always room for improvement. I think I was a lot calmer in a lot more situations where I might have normally stressed out and taken that stress out on others. And I was far more aware of those stressful situations and how my behaviour impacts on others. So in a few situations, like at the Blackwood, or when in a time-crunch at work, I was able to say something along the lines of, “this isn’t you, this is me, I’m getting stressed out and I know I’m going to be a bit short. I am going to try not to, but I’m sorry if it does, and I hope you won’t take it too personally.”

It’s not the best solution to the problem of getting tense and snappy, but it beats flipping out on someone! And most of the time, being aware that it might happen, or noticing that it was happening, I was able to pull my head in. If I was able to take a few minutes and just calm down, or get moving and take action on something, then I would calm right down and just get back to work. I will continue to work on this, as managing stress in a productive way is really important to me.

But I have a new primary focus for 2011:

This year I resolve to criticise less and praise more.

I have noticed that I am picking not just on myself, but others. Complaining about small and insignificant things. I complain or criticise, often behind the backs of others, and focus on supposedly negative or annoying traits or behaviours rather than focusing on the good, positive, and helpful. I remember several years ago getting the compliment, “you always see the good in people! You always have something nice to say about everyone!” And I know that has gone away. Somewhere along the line, I got jaded. I got grumpy. I started complaining. And it has gotten worse, until I started noticing that even I don’t want to hear what I have to say. And this year I want to get it GONE!

I have other small goals and objectives for the year in all areas of life, financial, health, social, and so on, and will share them in a later post.

Do you set New Years Resolutions? What did you resolve for this coming year?


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