Exercise, I have not forsaken thee!

I’ve been posting a lot about food, and shopping, and all this stuff about sustainability – all things that are taking up the foreground of what’s on my mind these days. But life is still generally ticking along as per usual, and I am still getting a few workouts in.

This week was our last week of classes before the Christmas shut-down. Monday was meant to be the last Aqua Gold, but the weather wasn’t great. It was VERY windy and raining, and although the water temp was 2 degrees higher than the air temp, I only had three seniors show up, two of whom were more than happy to head off to something warm, dry and indoors.

Monday night I taught Balance, and that was a nice class, had a good turnout for this time of year – 8 people at our second-last class! And one newbie! Awesome! I also had a quick spin on the bike at home, because it was so very rainy and I had planned on a quick 5km run, but decided to stay inside instead. It was a pretty good ride for just 30 minutes. I worked on keeping my cadence above 80 rpm (I generally sit on a lazy 70), and then had a serious hard 2 minute sprint at near to 100 rpm at the end.

Tuesday I taught the last Aqua Intense. The weather was so funny on Tuesday. If you were sitting inside all day you’d never know that it was actually hot out. It was cloudy, windy and miserable looking. Then once outside you realise it is HOT and HUMID! Ugh! Perfect day for the pool! I wasn’t sure if I’d get anyone to class, though, but I did get 5 and we had a great time!

Wednesday was the last day of classes, and it’s only three sleeps from Christmas, so you never know how many people you’ll get, if any at all. I told Amanda I’d come to Pump class to make up numbers if she really wanted to run the class, and when we got four and it was time to start, I headed in. And then suddenly, three more people showed up! There were 8 in Pump! How awesome!

I did the class anyway, and I am so delighted to say that I am finally getting through the lunge track on the floor with no weights. So it’s time to step up on the bench and improve my range. This will be a real challenge for me, but I can do it!

I had a call from a Balance regular to let me know that four of my dedicated Balancers were not attending and I thought that class was going to be a write-off, but no! I had five people! And three newbies! Wow! I really focused on my newbies and hope I didn’t intimidate them with too much coaching. Sometimes I hear myself and think “wow, do you ever sound bossy!”

Hopefully they come back in the new year and enjoy the new release! Now that classes are all done, I can really focus on my Pump and Balance training. I want this next launch of Balance to be near perfect! I want to be able to video it and watch it and not feel completely embarassed! I want people to love this class! I’d also love to hear if I do, in fact, sound bossy rather than guiding or coaching.

In other news, I started the process of re-starting Nero under saddle this week. He’s an ex-pacer and a real sweet horse, but has been in retirement due to back issues, age, and the fact that I haven’t had time to manage two horses. But the chiropractor says that his back is fine and as long as he has a good saddle fit he will be sound to ride, and I’d like to be able to ride with friends and family, so having a second riding horse will be great.

Nero had a few moments of “what the heck are you doing!?” when I put him in the round yard and started working on a bit of leading and lunging, but he finally remembered what this ‘working stuff’ was all about. When I saddled him up, I expected a bit of resistance or hesitation, but he handled it like we do it every day. Bitted up nicely, saddled well, didn’t flinch when I banged on the saddle, pulled on the stirrups. Not a flicker of worry.

Next step is going to be getting on him. Having ridden him previously I know he can be strong and hard-mouthed, especially when near the race track and his mind goes loopy (he’s sweet, but so very blond sometimes), so brakes and steering will be the next critical ‘re-installation’ in him. Not really sure how that’s going to go, especially since brakes were not his forte in the past, but I am confident the worst thing he has to trow at me is a really ungainly pace and then he’ll get tired and start to walk again anyway. He’s so out of shape that after our little 20 minute session he went and rolled like he had been worked hard! Funny horse!

Finally, the big news, we’ve had family from Canada visiting. My cousin’s daughter (K*) is staying with us, and it’s been great. She’s a treat to have around, even for a teenager ;), and my aunt and uncle are staying at my other aunt & uncles (T&Es) in town. It’s been fun to catch up and visit, and nice to get re-aquainted with family we haven’t seen in ages and ages.

K* is riding TK and has been getting along very well with him. I love that TK is a safe horse and that he’s not a one-rider-only kind of horse.  On Tuesday I showed her where his gear was, took her through his few quirks, and then showed her where all the trails were. She took him out on her own on Wednesday for a hoon around the race track and in the bush and didn’t have any problems with him.

Which all reminds me that I need to get the beach ride organised! Off to make a few phone calls!


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