(I know I said I didn’t have time to write much, but sometimes I feel compelled.)

Although my last few posts haven’t been about fitness, they have been about things that matter to me. I have noticed my awareness of ‘stuff’ increasing, due in no small part to the advertising and hype of Christmas marketing. They sure do know how to make you ‘want’!  Thus my post about the conflict of wanting more yet living more simply.

Being ‘green’ is important to me, but a real challenge, sometimes, as I am sure most people find. There is such a lot of ‘stuff’ out there and how do you weed it all out and make sense of it? How do you know if you’re doing enough, or the right enough? And what steps do you really need to take to be a more responsible human animal? Plus when you add the marketing hype of ‘eco’ ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ you have to really ask yourself if the product or idea or company really *is* all it claims or if they are just buying into the ‘green marketing’ trend?

I think that the following post really clarifies, for me anyway, what sustainability really means, even if it doesn’t answer all of my questions!

What are some of the challenges or questions you have in relation to living sustainability? How do you resolve the need to live in the modern world with the desire to also to leave the world a better place?


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