Can you be both?

Sometimes I find it hard to reconcile my love of toys and gadgets and things with my desire to live frugally, sustainably and simpler. Sometimes I yearn for yester-year… to be self sufficinet, to gather wood and grow food and live off-grid and generally just ignore modern society. And then I see a garmin and a video camera and a funky new phone, laptop or gadget, and I want one.

Financially I can’t support either lifestyle, so I walk the road somewhere down the middle, I guess, where I wonder what it would be like on either side of the street.

I suppose you can have both to an extent. Modern technology, like solar power and solar hot water, as well as insulation and double-glazing (which are both ‘new’ in Oz), all would make the ‘simple life’ a lot more simple. And cheaper. If you can afford it in the first place.

And if you’re off living in the woods somewhere, collecting fire wood and making handicrafts, it would sure be nice to stay connected, so wireless internet and mobile phone tecnology would keep you from going crazy and becoming too hillbilly to be seen in public again. Or so I try to justify. Of course, I could be using the internet as a crutch to avoid doing the old fashioned things, like ‘stopping by’ or writing a letter. Maybe.

But a video camera would still be handy to record riding lessons, and improve my teaching technique. And a Garmin would supply me with heaps of technical data about my running to improve my health and fitness.

So I suppose I can reconcile these things in my mind. And maybe one day in my pocket book!

Now we’re off to a friends for dinner – live and in person at their house! A date that was arranged via text message.

I guess you can!


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