Be Greener

Although you may have already read this from Freshly Pressed, I thought it was worthwhile re-posting.

This article makes me think of my DVD player, which last night shat itself badly enough that I think it’s shat itself for the last damn time! I will not live with the “perma-freeze-pane” right in the middle of an important speech by the President of the United States again, because I want to know how he’s going to stop the aliens, and not have to skip to the next scene and get surprised by Casio keyboard causing mass eruptions of volcanoes… “Damn, how did that happen?”

So, this means it’s time for a new DVD player. Again! The third in as many years. Seriously, how much do you have to spend on a DVD player so it won’t die in 365 days? It’s probably just the little laser eye misaligned somehow, or a dust bunny in a spot we can’t see, and so it needs to be replaced, cuz there’s no point asking anyone to try to fix it.

I am (we are) a product of and a creator of the environment and economy in which we live. As this tidy little article so clearly states, even if we’re not in charge of a business, we can certainly influence the way that business is conducted by flexing our tiny little money muscles. Our money muscles might be small individually, butjust like in ‘A Bugs Life’, when lots of tiny ants gang up on the grasshoppers, the masses win!

Go ants!

Please enjoy this article: Transitioning to an Economy of Reuse

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