Workout 9 and Measurements

Even though E* couldn’t make it to workout today, I still went and did my workout. I was having a fat day yesterday and really felt the need to workout. I took laziness to new heights on Sunday!

Today I walked to the gym, and the plan was to go for a run afterwards, but I got caught up in work stuff (as you do), and my workout was delayed by a good 45 minutes, so skipped the long run and just walked home. I really do love to walk! It’s probably my top favourite exercise/activity of all time! Even better than horse riding, I think.

Anyway, I did Workout 9 – 3 cycles of the Expert Exercises – and it was an okay workout. I’m not thrilled, as I’ve mentioned before, about the timing and getting in enough reps to make this feel really hard on the lower body. I am sweating and puffing less than when I first started doing the World’s Most Efficient Workouts. I am definitely getting stronger.

For example, I did 5-6 of the Isometric Explosive Pushups on my toes for the first set of each cycle! I also rested only 45 seconds between cycles because I didn’t really feel I needed the full 60 seconds before heading off again.

I was also able to perform all the Isometric Incline Rows with elevated feet except for the very last rep. Incredible! I wish I had been able to push out that last one!

So it is evident to me that this workout system is doing wonders for my upper-body strength. I do wish I was getting more lower body challenge, however.

Perhaps the next progression will challenge me differently. It certainly looks like it’s going to be a thumper of a workout:

Perform exercise 1 for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, repeat 4 times. Rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat for each exercise.

I did my measurements and I guess I wasn’t having as much of a fat day as I had thought. My weight is stable and my waist measurement has gone down from last week. Of course, I didn’t completely overeat this week, so that is sure to help! All other measurements are relatively on-par, though my chest measurement is quite a bit smaller. Probably just the clothing choice making that difference.

Out of curiosity, I used an electronic fat measuring device the other day to see if its reading/estimation of my body fat percentage was on-par with this chart, and interestingly enough, it was almost identical, 24.43%

Anyway, enough from here, off to teach Aqua Gold and Body Balance. And it’s going to be a huge day at work in between these classes. Better get my game-face on!

By the way, what’s your all-time most favourite exercise/activity ever?


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