Myths About Who You Are

I wanted to reblog this post because when I read it, it resonnated with me. It could almost be my story, it feels so true and I completely understand where she is coming from. I am sure it’s a true story for many of us.

Growing up and going through school, I remember we would group ourselves together, like-with-like, ‘jocks’ and ‘preps’ and ‘nerds’ and ‘heads’ and there was limited inter-migling, so we reinforced the myths of ourselves and each other by the friends we had and the labels we placed upon ourselves. 

My biggest self-myth, relating to exercise, at least, is that I am an individual sports-person, that I have no team-sense, so have, as a result, never played a team sport.

What myths do you have for yourself?

(By the way, why can’t I get the Reblog feature to work? Am I missing something?)


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