Running out of time…

I feel very rushed these days, as Silly Season appears to be in full-swing, and don’t feel I have time to do a whole lot for myself. But I am squeezing a few things in here and there.

Thursday morning I did go for my 5km run, and did it under 30 minutes which I was quite happy about, since I haven’t really done a solid 5k run since before Blackwood. My pace was pretty on-par with my pre-Blackwood runs! That’s awesome!

The run felt pretty good. 5 kilometres seems to be just the perfect distance. I get to get warmed up and the tight spots loosened up, I definitely feel the workout, but still have a little left in the tank when I’m done so I don’t feel completely spent, so I still feel good to face a full day’s work. Plus it’s only half an hour, maybe 40 minutes when you consider that I walk to the corner to warm up and then do a few stretches when I get back (though I never strech as long as I should …) so it’s not a huge time commitment.

While in my last km of the run, I rolled my ankle – just a little – on a rock. I recovered quickly, and it didn’t hurt my ankle, but it did pull at my (I’m guessing here) IT band just on the outside of my knee, and a few inches down the side of my calf. I ran along, noticing it, but not too concerned about it. However, when I later went for a short jog on the treadmill during my seniors class, boy oh boy! Did I know about that little pull! It’s now fine two days later, but it’s amazing what such a small non-event can add up to! As you may recall, running was a real struggle for me due to my unhappy knees.  So I guess I’m going to have to watch out for the footing as I once again rebuild my running muscles.

This morning (Friday), E* and I did our workouts! It was cooler today, so it was far more comfortable to pump it hard.  E* is doing so well, and her husband even noticed that her arms were more muscular and toned. She’s really excelling! E* did Workout 5 – Expert for 10 minutes and really felt the extra challenge of the holds in the exercises.

I did workout #8, 3 cycles of Advanced Exercises.

I’m no longer certain that I am getting the most out of these workouts. Yes, they are challenging, but I think the 5 reps of Expert exercises for 15 minutes was more effective than the 20sec of each at getting my heart rate up and getting me sweating.

Don’t get me wrong, 20 seconds of Incline Rows is a serious struggle (though doable — just), and I was grunting to squeeze out 20 seconds of Explosive Pushups, but 20 seconds of Lunges is hardly worth the effort of bending over to pick up the weights. Maybe I need to try to do them faster? Squats are ok at 20 seconds, but certainly not hard. But there’s only one more of these 20 second style circuits left and then it looks like it’s going to get VERY hard, because I’ll be doing each exercise for 80 seconds (with breaks), so that’s a good-hard-ask, particularly with pushups and rows, and an obvious increase in the challenge of lunges and squats. Looking forward to it!

… did I just say that?

Because I’m only 4 workouts away from finishing the World’s Most Efficient Workout, it’s time to start planning my workout schedule to accommodate the 12 minute workouts of Body by Science. The tough thing about it is chosing a day where I can be wobbly and sore for 24ish hours following the workout… So far Wednesday night directly after Balance seems the best option, but then if I can’t sleep afterwards… But once again, I digress…

I only had three ladies turn up for Aqua Gold today. Dedicated souls they are, but for the first time this season, I cancelled the class. First of all, our minimum is technically 5 to run a class, so 3 just wasn’t enough. But I have and will run for less than 5 when people are keen and have made an effort to come out. In fact, I promised the ladies when we started Aqua that if people were willing to get in the water, I was willing to teach. 

So, today the real deciding factor for cancelling the class was the weather. It was COLD (16 degrees) and raining and the wind was blowing a gale. I was actually concerned that I might just get blown into the water! (yes, I’m prone to exaggeration.) The water might be nice once you’re in, but those ladies will have to get out while they’re wet and face that weather, and that seemed an unpleasant thing to ask them to do.

The first lady there, M*, actually decided she was going to leave before even testing the water because the weather took another particularly nasty dash (winds came up and rain started in earnest), and on her way out she bumped into two others tentatively heading in. L* was bundled up like it was the middle of winter, and both she and M* said they were happy to not get wet, thank you very much, and headed home. The third lady decided to go for a swim anyway! Now that’s keen!

I did a little paperwork instead of the class and had a nice visit with my Aunt & Uncle after work.

Now, I’m off to tackle my list:

  • clean out the spare room so it’s ready for guests, should we have some this Christmas
  • make bread
  • bake mini choc muffins to bring along to upcoming festive season events
  • feed the horses
  • plan my workout schedule
  • figure out what to buy a 16 year old boy for Christmas (heck, figure out what to buy anybody for Christmas!)
  • start addressing Christmas cards

There’s not much time left in the day, so I better get at’er!

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Are you planning to squeeze in a few workouts, or are you planning to take some time off?


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