New Career as a Farrier?

No, I totally don’t think so. πŸ™‚

But TKs shoes *had* to come off today. It was just too long coming. They should have come off last weekend, but we were away, and didn’t arrange the farrier. I wasn’t too fussed, things still looked okay. But when we got back there were some serious problems developing on the back hooves in particular. So I called the farrier to ask him if he was coming this weekend. Unfortunately, he is unable to come until next Thursday or Friday!

Now, I have done a few things with my horses feet. I have mostly had barefoot horses, so I can trim a little, and rasp them to clean them up a little. But I’m not a complete stranger to shoes – I did shoe Cassie regularly. But when I had Cassie, I had a farrier that came every 8 weeks like clockwork. He would book you in for your next appointment at the current appointment. And he would have the shoes pulled, feet trimmed and new shoes on in 30 minutes a horse. So, I have never pulled shoes off a horse in my life.

So, I was on the phone with my current farrier saying, “I really need to get these shoes off,” and he says, “Oh, you can do that yourself. Just rasp off the nail heads, use a screwdriver and pliers to pry and pull the shoes off. No problem, you’ll be fine and I’ll clean them up next week.”

A bit nervous about possibly ruining TKs feet, I tried to put this task off, and asked if anyone could lend a hand, but got no takers, so, in desperation, I headed out this lovely Sunday morning to take care of it myself.

It turns out this was a two person job! First, I called Mat because I couldn’t rasp off the nail heads. Mat informed me that I was using the wrong side of the rasp. Oh, duh! hehehe And then I started trying to pry the first shoe off. TK was NOT happy with this process, so Mat hopped in to assist, using the nippers to pull out a nail, as I wiggled and pried at the shoes.

It was surprisingly difficult! I was puffing and sweating like mad, and TK was very resistant until the very last hoof. He mellowed during the last hoof due in part, possibly, to getting bored with being argumentative, but mostly due to Mat putting out some hay for him to eat… fully distracted we were much more able to remove the last, and worst shoe. Some of the hoof wall has actually chipped away and it was quite crumbly, so we had to be quite cautious of where we grabbed and levered to avoid further damage to the hoof wall.

But in the end we got it done, and he very happily walked away, picking up his feet a little higher than usual for the first few steps, probably because his feet weighed a little less with the shoes off. πŸ™‚ It was really cute!

I’m quite satisfied with the job we did. Can’t wait to get his feet back to normal and all the weak holes grown out.

In other news, on Saturday morning, K* and I went for a run for 32 minutes, but can’t be sure of the distance. I assume it’s about 5km, but we were running on the golf course. What fun that was! Nice even soft ground with a few little hills… but no way to tell for sure how far we went. Had a great visit with her afterwards and we are planning on doing our longer runs together on Saturdays, because she’s also interested in running the half marathon in May! πŸ™‚ YAY!

Long live the running buddy system!


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