How was your day?

Mine was pretty good.

Did Workout #6 of the World’s Most Efficient Workout this morning and it was pretty tough!  E* did workout #3. We both got thoroughly worked out.

This time I did manage to keep my feet elevated in the incline rows, but honestly, rep 5 of each set was really really hard! I truly struggled with it every time! I upped my weight on the squats to 11kg, and should go up again, but stuck with 4kg for the overhead presses. I was, once again, tempted to drop my press weight, but did stick with it, but really had to watch form as I neared the end of the 15 minutes. I only managed to do 3 toe pushups – but remember, I had to go down, hold for 3 seconds and then POP my hands off the floor on the upstroke! That was hard yakka! 🙂

I was sweating like crazy… I sure wish I didn’t sweat so much … but I digress.

Anyway, had a quiet Friday at the office, got some stuff done at work, that’s always nice, though I had NO success at fixing the printer and that was a real pain in the butt! Our IT guy (well, the one I will deal with cuz he’s the only competent one) was busy with a system migration, so I hit a brick wall. That’s it. No printer. Thank you, come again.

But that’s alright cuz after lunch I headed to the pool and had a marvellous time teaching Aqua Gold to the 7 beautiful ladies who came to class. Not a big turnout, but we had a great time! I was most pleased because most of the choreography is all in my head now, which means things flow so much more smoothly. It does look like I’m going to have to change my last track, it’s just not working. And they’re getting fitter so quickly, I’ll probably have to add another track very soon. This happened last year. My ‘gentle 45 minute workout for fabulous over 50s’ ended up being a pretty full on full hour!

I’m going running Saturday morning at 8am with K*. We have talked about running together for an age, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Based on what she’s told me, it sounds like we run a similar pace, so it’ll be nice to see if we are good partners. She’s working towards a long course tri by March next year, which she won’t have any problems with, but I think I’ve decided to try a half-marathon in May. The Bunbury Runners Club is hosting one on 22nd May. I did originally want to do a few tris this season, but I’m just not feeling it with this dodgy arm.

My arm/shoulder is doing SO MUCH BETTER! So I decided to give freestyle a try. I swam 300 meters on Thursday after work, and did the first 50 gentle freestyle. It didn’t hurt as bad as quickly as it did a few months ago, but it was definitely not right and definitely not something I was going to be able to swim through or work out. This made the next 250 meters quite uncomfortable, even with easy breast stroke. So, I’m not ready for a full-on swimming regime just yet. But I’m not far off it!

Next time a few breast stroke warm ups before trying free will probably make a difference.

Off to do some chores and read a bit more of the Body by Science book.


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