Quick Weekend Recap

I’ve been away, so no post for awhile. To briefly summarise the last few days:

Friday morning I did the next workout, Expert exercises for 10 minutes. I wasn’t at my best, feeling rather lethargic, however, I did get a good workout from the extra intensity added for this level:

  • Pushups with a 3 second hold and then explosive jump
  • Lunges with a 3 second hold and double arm overhead press (I was actually tempted to lower my weight, it got so challenging)
  • Incline rows with elevated feet and a 3 second hold at the top. (I had to lower my feet!)
  • Goblet squats with a 3 second hold. (I could probably increase this weight)

It was screaming hot on Friday. I taught Aqua and really had to take it easy. 36 degrees and rising! And then worked as a guard until 6pm. It was a long day, but a really good one.

The best thing about the day was that when I got home, Mat was doing the dishes, our bags were packed and we were leaving!! By his logic we would just sit watching tv until 10:30, so we might as well just sit in the car until then!

So we made it to Margaret River and did mostly nothing for all of Saturday and Sunday. Visiting, snacking, I dived into the ocean fully dressed (AWESOME) and went for a very short walk.

And we napped a LOT! I feel very rested!

Now we are home and I am off to teach Aqua Gold in the rain.

I will do my measurements on Tuesday morning and do the next workout on Wednesday (Expert for 15 minutes).


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