Must. Stop. Eating!

There is a difference between appetite and hunger.

For example, this morning, during circuit class, my stomach rumbled and growled. It felt empty. I was HUNGRY. Hunger is the physical desire to eat.

I ate some nuts and felt really satisfied. I stopped eating!

At lunch time I ate a nice Caesar Salad. Just a little one, with some Banana Bread for dessert and I felt really good. I wasn’t hungry or stuffed, I was nicely satisfied.

And then in walked Sandy’s Catering. The leftovers from today’s lunch showed up and they looked soooo very good!!  And I said “No, I’m NOT eating anything, I’m NOT hungry” and then proceeded to scoff down two kebabs, a piece of chicken, four brownies (oh those brownies!!), two mini savoury muffins, a piece of quiche and three pieces of bread.


I wasn’t even hungry! I ate until I felt sick! I could NOT control my appetite! Appetite is the psychological desire to eat. And I had no control over it what-so-ever! Stupid thing is, it’s MY brain and I should be able to tell it when to stop. facking. eating. already!

Luckily I did teach Aqua Intense afterwards, but there’s no way it even came close to knocking off the amount of calories I consumed in those 20 minutes.

I don’t even know what else to say. I am just so frustrated and embarrassed!

Thoughts? Advice? Anyone? Bueller?


One response to “Must. Stop. Eating!

  1. I find that when I get depressed I eat like that, and it's very hard to control it. I had a fight with my mom yesterday, and instead of cooking supper, I had toast witch cheese all night. Ugh.I think that these things will happen, and what's important is to get right back into the good habits and not beat yourself up over something which is actually pretty harmless as long as it's not a daily thing.

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