Workout #3 and Measurements

This morning I woke up with a little muscle tenderness in my lats! And I thought, “oh wow, maybe that was a better workout yesterday than I thought!”

You’re supposed to have at least one day rest between workouts, but I did today’s anyway, because I’d like to get back on and stick to the schedule. Today, I did my measurements and the 10 minute Advanced workout.

Workout 3:
5 reps of each exercise for 10 minutes without stopping:

  • Explosive Push Up (make hands leave the floor on the ‘up stroke’)
  • Reverse Lunge with 1-Arm Press (as before, using 4kg weights)
  • Elevated Feet Inverted Row (bar in same position as before, feet on step with 2 risers)
  • Goblet Squat (holding 8kg dumbbell)

The Conclusion: Oh my goodness!

I wanted an upper body workout and I sure got it! I could only do the explosive pushups from my knees. And if you want to see a flailing monkey, that’s how I felt! Very uncoordinated at first, but I eventually got the hang of it.

The elevated feet on the row, in essence, would have been like lowering the bar another notch, and was very effective at pushing my limits. I was definitely struggling to complete the last few reps to full range in the last several circuits.

The added weight in the squat allowed me to feel my glutes engage far more than previously, and I will probably go up to 10kg for the next round.

It took several minutes for my heart and respiration rate to return to normal after today’s workout. I was working quite hard today! I needed to stretch my chest and shoulders for quite a lot longer than I normally would.

For a short little effort, definintely a challenge!!

As for my measurements, there is minimal change, and according to the chart, both my Body Fat Percentage and my BMI has gone up (I’ve gotten fatter!?), probably just because my weight has gone up. But my waist, chest, & wrist measurements have gone down – although the changes are realtively insignificant, and variations in those measurements could be due to not measuring in the exact same spot each time, as much as in genuine change in body shape. But I do think my arms are slightly more defined. When I am doing the rows, they sure look muscley in the mirror!

Another thing not considered is my diet over the last week. I must say it has been TERRIBLE! I have had a few really good meals, but I have also had a significant number of convenience meals, chocolate bars, and bread bread bread! I’ve also eaten more than I’ve needed on numerous occasions (why do I eat when I’m no longer hungry?) and I can generally say this week has been nutritionally poor. Lots of excuses, but mainly just poor planning… sleeping in and not having a lunch prepared, that sort of thing.

I’m hoping this week will be more nutritionally sound and that I will see, and, more importanly, FEEL changes in my body. I am so done with being tired all the time!


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