Workout #2

Yay! I did it! I found 15 minutes and I didn’t forget!

Here’s what today’s workout was:

Workout Two:
5 repetitions of each of the following four exercises in sequence with no rests for 15 minutes.

  • Push Ups
  • Reverse Lunge and 1-Arm Press (5 per side)
  • Inverted Row
  • Prisioner Squat

The conclusion: MUCH BETTER!

This time I was working much harder. I got my heart pounding in my ears! I was trying to move more quickly, but I was still doing a circuit in about 1 minute, but I was getting more out of it this time.

  • I did the first three circuits of Push Ups from my toes – until my right arm was very noticably over-compensating for my left and I was no longer going to full range. I was also able to do the last two sets from my toes. This means I did 25 full push ups after not being able to do ANY for MONTHS. Very pleased!
  • I used 4kg dumbbells for the overhead presses in the lunges. I definintely felt my shoulders working hard by half-way.
  • I focused on dropping directly into the lunge and keeping the front leg loaded when I stepped forward. This increased my speed, but I’m not sure I got into my legs enough. Might have to try to drop a little deeper still.
  • I had the bar in a suitable spot for a bit of challenge immediately in the Inverted Rows, so there were no wasted reps.
  • I focused on getting as deep as possible in the squats, but I think more than 5 reps is required, or some weight is needed to really make this exercise count in such a short workout.
15 minutes of the above left me short of breath, my heart was pounding and I was sweaty. I felt like I had gotten a fair workout, though certainly not the hardest workout in the world. I am looking forward to adding more weights/reps/challenge to the exercises, because although I did get a work out, it was almost more of a cardio challenge than a weight lifting type challenge. I could probably lower the bar one more notch for the Rows and I am looking forward to doing more toe push ups!
Yay! I can do pushups again!

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