World’s Most Efficient Workout … ?

I suppose this workout isn’t going to be too efficient or effective if I don’t do it, eh?

I was going to do Workout 2 Friday morning at 6am, but I was so very very tired. I have been tired and my tummy upset again this past week. Very frustrating. So, I slept in Friday morning and then was determined to do it after I completed AquaGold at 3pm.

But then I had to get my Working With Children Check renewal done! Oops! And it had to be renewed before 4pm on Friday! Double Oops! I did get that done, bought groceries, picked up horse food, came home and promplty forgot about the World’s Most Efficient Workout.

Then, when I remembered, I said to myself: “That’s okay, I’ll do it Saturday after work. I will close up shop at 1pm and then do the 15 minutes and head home.”

Instead I had a rather distressing encounter at work that sent me scurrying to see Mat for comforting, and, once again, put the workout well and truly out of my mind.

I have to work tomorrow, too. I am opening and on-call all day. I am therefore saying no to a 6am ride of 60-80km because I’m not so sure that a) I’m up to it, and that b) I’d make it back in time to do my job.

Instead, I will endeavour to do a mini-triathlon in the morning and then, when I open up on Sunday I will do my 15 minutes.

Maybe. 😛

I might just need a more alluring goal.


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