Resting on my Laurels

I’ve had a week off. It’s been nice, but a bit too easy to get used to sitting around and just doing ‘whatever’. Whatever often includes eating something, watching tv and sitting on facebook. Not really quality use of my time.

Now, I grant you, I needed that. I wanted to catch up on things. I wanted to rest.

Afterall, I really didn’t have my whole body working for me until Wednesday, I had Aqua Gold and Aqua Intense choreography to sort out, I worked all day Saturday. I did some scrapbooking, bought much-needed groceries, cooked meals, did housework. So I had plenty of good reasons for sitting on my proverbial. I wasn’t completely idle, but … well…

What I didn’t have a good excuse for was this Sunday morning.

My plan was to ride my bike to the pool at 6, have a little swim, head out for a little while on the bike, then open the Centre at 8am for the cleanup crew. I was thinking that I’d take TK for a walk today, too. He’s got a nasty bite mark from Nero on his back, and can’t put a saddle on him right now, but I thought a little time socialising with him would be a great idea.

Instead I slept in until 7am, went to work to open for the cleanup crew at 8am, then came home and started to clean my kitchen.

Okay, the kitchen REALLY REALLY needed a deep clean. It’s probably been since this time last year that I washed the curtains and windows. It was time to de-web the house. And the mouse tracks were beyond disgusting. All the mice have moved indoors to hide from the big ass snake hunting in the hay shed. In truth, I’ve been putting cleaning the kitchen off for too long, and it is a huge job that I haven’t managed to finish yet, even with most of the day spent on it. But at least most of the cupboards now smell ‘lemon fresh bleach’ clean!

But then, where was the swim, ride, walk? Have I already fallen that far off the wagon? “Yeah, I’m an Iron Woman, so I don’t have to exercise.” Uh, no, that doesn’t seem right at all!!

Luckily, Helen asked me if I was coming on the 4:00 social ride today. I almost turned her down, but decided to put down my kitchen sponge and go for a ride!!

This coming week will see me pick up the number of active classes I teach from two to five, and there are pleny of opportunities to stay active thanks to work. But there’s plenty more I need to do. If I don’t run soon, I’ll be back to square one. I want to try these exercise claims out. I need to set some goals. I need to get locked in to something great! I need to set a new workout schedule.

I don’t seem to be able to exercise ‘out of habit.’ I know plenty of people who just get up and workout and that’s that. I still have to make a conscious effort to strap on the shoes and head out. And this after a full year of high volume training, and knowing how great I feel when I workout.

Do you think this is strange? Or are you a regular exerciser who has to work at it too?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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