War Wounds

These pictures don’t really show off my injuries as well as I’d like, but here are the three main culprits that keep making me wince! I’m such a wuss!

This first one is my left calf/shin where I fell against the rocks trying to get into my kayak. It doesn’t look like much in the photo, but it’s surrounded by a lovely green bruise that just doesn’t like being touched. It needed to be covered to keep the flies off it. It was kind of embarassing to have a big bandage on it for just a few scrapes, but flies love blood, and I hate flies! So I had it dressed up with a full wrap bandage, since the ambos didn’t just have a bandaid, fix-a-mole or spray plaster. What kind of dodgy service are they running there anyway? hehe

Kayaking Wounds

This is the saddle sore on the back of my left knee/thigh. It burns just being there. It doesn’t even like to have fabric touching it. It sucks. I can’t bend my knee right back (as in swan pose) without feeling it heat up like a fresh ember! Funny though, I didn’t even know I had it until I had a shower after the event and the water running over it made me jump!

Saddle Sores

And finally, also not impressive until you touch it, my second toe. There was a nasty blood blister underneath it, which has released, but the nail is lifted and there’s dried blood under the nail too, that just won’t clean out. It hurts every time I bump it. I felt this happen, as I was running down those big hills, my toe was sliding slightly forward and jamming into my shoe. I have the misfortune of having a size 8.5 left foot and 8 right foot. So I wear 8.5s. This has never been a real issue until taking up running, as that extra half size allows the right foot to move a little more, and voila! I have smashed toenails!

Ugly feet!

 Anyway, there’s my war wounds!
Don’t you just love showing off your bruises, scars and other injuries of pride? I know I do!!
Do you like to compare injuries, or are you more of a “I don’t want to see that” kind of person?


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