The Results – In Short

I did it!! I completed the Blackwood Marathon Relay!


Here is how I did, in brief (don’t know how this will come through formatting-wise):
Leg               Planned     Actual       Difference
Run              01:20:00    01:05:44   00:14:16
Changeover  00:10:00
Kayak          01:30:00    01:48:14   -00:08:14
Swim            00:20:00   00:18:20    00:01:40
Changeover  00:10:00
Horse           01:30:00   00:49:14    00:50:46
Changeover  00:10:00
Bike             01:30:00   00:58:01    00:41:59
Total            06:40:00   04:59:33    01:40:27

The changeover is included in the following leg time, so I have calculated it into the difference.

– It was one of my best runs ever! Loved it!
– I was much slower on the kayak than I planned, but still made it to lunch by 12.
– Swim was hard but quick.
– Horse ride was hell! TK was insane! But he was fast and he finished strong. We did vet out, but we was down to requirements prior to going into the vet checkpoint. But with the chute squeezing him in with a bunch of other horses, and lining up with vets four abreast, he just though there was another race about to start and got fired up again.
– Bike leg was tough, I had to get off and walk first two hills, but I did way better than I anticipated I could ever do!

See Iron Woman results here, and overall results here.

Full story to come!


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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