Only one week to go

Today’s milestone, 7 days, that’s just one week, to go, was barely noticed.

I was up at 5am, ready for work and at the Centre before 6am to open for the Show. Although it wasn’t super busy in the morning, it was steady and work kept me occupied and I felt really on-task all morning.

Had a short break at 11:30am where 6 of us acted as participants in a mini-Pump class. We just did four tracks: warm up, backs butts and hamstrings, lunges and shoulders. We do it on the main stadium floor, the centre stage at the Show as a promo to get more people to come to classes. I hope it does talk a few people into joining us!

The lunge track was SO hard, especially after last night’s practice. I had to cheat on the last few bottom halves! Ouchies, they sure work. Sadly, I am always working, and not able to participate in Pump, and I am not much of one to voluntarily do lunges, so I may never improve in my ability to perform that exercise with any amount of strength!

The last track, shoulders, had me so worried! I used little weights, and it was alright in training last night, but would it be too much for me two days in a row?

NO! šŸ™‚

My shoulder felt really good! I was even able to do a few slightly wider than usual pushups!! I did come back to a tricep push up at the very end of the track, but probably did about 4 or 5 wide grips before I could feel the shoulder complain! So that shoulder is REALLY getting stronger! It’s healing and I am sure it won’t be too much longer before I can do a full push up and a side plank again! YAY!

The bad thing about the Show, as with all fairs, festivals and fetes, is the FOOD. There is nothing but food… and I ate way too much! I had several hot chips (just picking them out of the baine marie), a Quiche Lorraine, a Chili Sausage Roll, and a Sweet Chili Chicken Strip. And all this after such a healthy breakfast – a nice two egg omelete with raw spinach in a wrap. I think I ate about three days worth of calories in one morning shift! On the way home I ate an apple. In my mind, that apple was cutting through the grease of all that Show food. šŸ™‚

On a break now, and packing for our trip to Bunbury, and organising the animals food for the next two days. Really looking forward to paddling and seeing my cousins! We are leaving straight after the Attack demo this afternoon at the Show. Hopefully those 20 minutes of bouncing around will burn off a bit of the morning’s over-consumption! Just water for me this afternoon!

So, I better get at it! Attack gear, kayaking gear, running gear, pyjamas, ‘real people clothes’, and horse feeds.

See you on Monday!