Ramblings of a Lunatic

Well, I’m starting to feel a little crazed.

Stress Point 1: No strapper.

I have tried a lot of people. There are still options, but they are less desirable for a few reasons:
– I don’t know them very well and it seems a huge ask to an acquaintance
– They are very young and I am not sure I feel comfortable leaving a tween in charge of vetting my horse
– They are very old and I am not comfortable with the notion of them potentially getting injured by a large animal

Clearly, I am running out of options here.

Mid-stream edit: my acquaintance offered! She doesn’t know for sure, but she’s PRETTY sure, and I will know by Sunday. And if not, she’s got a very competent young lady (still a teen though a little older than the other girl…) who handles her horse who may be able to help. Half a BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!

Positive Vibes Point 1 & 2: I get to paddle! And visit family!

We have decided to go to Bunbury for the weekend. We have even called ahead to confirm that it is going to be okay! That’s great! Sure beats rocking up on a door step unannounced, which does happen with us from time to time! And I have been in touch with all my cousins from Bunbury and we are going to be able to catch up with all of them! That’s marvellous! Double-positive whammy!

Stress Point 2:  Work!

I need to get through this weekend, the coming week, complete Blackwood and then get my choreography down for two brand new Aqua classes. When am I going to do that!? No really, when!?

I suppose I will have nearly a week. We will be home Sunday night, and first class is at 2:30 on Friday. So, that’s quite a lot of time, since I won’t be doing all the training… I do have time!

Other than that, actually things are going quite swimmingly, really. Other than being terrified by the reality of what I am about to undertake, and working hard to use the positive language and not the negative language, I’m doing ok. I just need to talk myself into things like “I am strong now!”

In fact, the irony here is that part of me is already planning the next Blackwood. Changes I’d make to my training program, things like that… What’s that about? Perhaps I’ll change my mind after doing it once, but something tells me this is likely to be a little bit addictive!

But, I know that the likelihood of being able to Blackwood next year is next to impossible. If I’m still working for the same company, which is highly likely, and if my manager goes on maternity leave, which is also likely, there will be no way I can get away from the Show. And the Show and Blackwood land on the same weekend next year.

But then the idea of a half-marathon appeals to me too!

So, there’s going to be something to look forward to, regardless!

Oh and I did some hills on the bike, and it was very hard. Just the two big hills on Trimmer Road twice each. Tough riding!

There’s more, but Mat’s home, I have to feed animals and it’s getting dark and I have to make a few more phone calls.

So there I am leaving without an ending…


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