Lucky Number 418

My name is now officially on the list. Right at the bottom. Pretty much where it’ll be on the results page! hehe

So, my arms, legs, kayak, helmet and horse will all be marked with the number 418 for the Blackwood Marathon.

Trying to see if there’s any significance to the number 418, so I did a search of the number and didn’t come up with much of anything, so went browsing a Chinese Meaning of Numbers page on an astrology site.

According to this page, since 418 is an even number, it’s a Yin symbol. Yin symblos represent: Dark, Matter, Earth, Female, Passive, Tiger, Down, North, Water, Winter, Shade, Receptive, Valleys, Moon, Cold, Death.

Not so happy about that last one! Sheesh!

  • The number four seems to be about Earth and feelings of security.
  • The number one is about initiation, beginning and conception. Also, ‘One has a thrusting energy that surges forth new growth and potential.’ Cool!
  • The number eight is supernatural, it would seem. ‘To the Chinese mind, number eight has that “anything is possible” feel to it.’

Well, it’s not much to go on, but it seems my number might be working in my favour! Well, except maybe that death bit!

Normally, my favourite number is 25, of course, because it’s my birthdate, but I think I’ll run with 418 for awhile! 🙂

What’s your lucky number?


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