12 days and counting

Saturday was a good day. I did my pool lifeguard requalification and as well as CPR, rescues, and a bit of legal stuff, it also includes a 400 metre swim, which I did in 9:20 – they give you 13 minutes. For the swim you have to do 100 each of breast, freestyle, side stroke and survival backstroke (which is ‘elementary backstroke’ back in Canada). I did 200 breast, skipping the free, and still did well. Probably better than if I had been able to do freestyle anyway! hehe

Today, Monday, I don’t have to work until 4:30pm. So, I planned a big morning of exercise, and in the end only rode my horse, and even there I didn’t do that as fast as I had planned, but that was mostly because MD decided to come with us and he really started to wear out, as it was 30 degrees out, and I was working TK in a trot and canter, but with lots of walk breaks to let MD catch up. At one point I found a dam to let MD drink. Please note that MD HATES to get wet. Hates baths, only goes in to his ankles at the ocean, and just avoids getting wet. Period.

With that in mind, here’s MD at the dam:

Right up to the belly!

Right now he’s crashed and burned at home. I don’t think he’ll be moving too well tomorrow. Poor dog!

I can relate!

I’ve been feeling kinda … demoralised? Procrastinationey? Bummed? the last few days, if I bother to stop and think for any amount of time.

I was reading on another site about “end of training blues” and I am certain that is what I am feeling!

There is a sense of disapointment and sadness just hovering about. I guess I’ve gone from panic to something a little different now.

I also feel sad that I won’t have all the people there that I was hoping to have. In the end I know that it doesn’t really matter, since I would hardly see them all day and would be pretty focused on what I have to do next, but the idea of having their support has turned out to be a lot more important to me than I initially gave weight to. If I had been aware of this, I would have made phone calls months ago to get them to book the date out. But I suppose months ago I wasn’t completely sure I’d be for sure doing it. And now suddenly here it is. I guess I can’t be disapointed that people have other things to do if they didn’t even know the date of this crazy event!

Anyway, have to get ready for work now.

And try to find a strapper for the big day!


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