Thursday 14th Oct – 16 days left

Long live tapering!!

I didn’t go cycling at 6am this morning. I responded to that request by rolling over and sleeping for an extra two hours! Ah yes! That was awesome!!

After work I went in the gym with the intention of doing a 5km run, but I just walked the first two kilometres. It felt so good to just move at an easy comfortable effortless pace and not push. I did run/jog the last three ks, and it still only took 44 minutes all up without putting in a hard effort. I didn’t knock myself out at all, I just went with ‘comfortable’ and ‘cruizy’.

Attack, on the other hand, was freaking INSANELY HARD and I was honestly tempted for the first time EVER to walk out at the end of the first peak. Seriously! And it seems like I wasn’t alone. Somthing about the change of weather back to the more wintry trends just made everything a little stiffer, I think. Spring is funny, isn’t it? Summer one day, winter the next!

I tried that new drink mix for recovery that was supposed to have a buffering system to prevent cramping. It’s basically a powdered Powerade, and it didn’t make me feel any better than a Powerade or Berocca does. It certainly didn’t prevent cramping! It didn’t taste too bad, it was meant to taste like apple, but I probably wouldn’t have picked the flavour without seeing the lable. It just tasted like a sweet sports drink. For the price I paid for the 4 sachets that make only 1 litre of fluid, certainly NOT worth the money and will just use Powerade for the extra glucose and sodium recharge!

Now for another long, hot shower and early night! I have been sleeping so well these days. And am not even feeling stressed right now. I think I’ve just sort of accepted that I have done all I can at this point and am just going with the flow. What happens will happen and I can’t change that.


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