Comparing Running Routes and Elevations

Been playing around with Map My Run again…

Here is the Blackwood Marathon run. Click on the ‘Climbs’ tab (I do hope it’s accessible to everyone) to see the elevation changes! WOW!

Thankfully, it would seem that the Trimmer Road run I do (or have done… twice) is a fair training place for this run.

However, the Blackwood run has TWO category 5 climbs. Near as I can tell, that’s pretty frickin’ bad! Okay, it’s not too bad, 5 is the “least bad” of hill climbs in their system, but the Trimmer Hills don’t even have enough elevation changes to constitue any analysis by their system!

Oh shit! I sure do wish I had done Trimmer Hills a few more times!

On to the analysis of the cycle! Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

Let me know if the runs aren’t viewable and what, if any, error messages you get – I’m still new at this! 🙂


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