Sunday – 10th October – 20 days to go

What weird weather.

Yesterday was SO hot and dry and windy, and it seemed that there was no chance of rain at all. It felt like summer was on us, and that was it, it was going to stay hot! But sometime late in the night (or early in the morning) it did rain, and it did a pretty good job of it.

When I got out to the horses at about 7am, it was clearing and warm and seemed like it was going to be a nice day. I cleaned the troughs and made some breakfast and by the time I headed out to get the horse ready for our ride with Mel just after 8am I thought that it might be wise to bring a jacket on this ride!

I ended up starting with the jacket, and then took it off and wore it around my waist for awhile, but it wasn’t that far into the ride that the wind picked up again. It was a very cold wind, and black clouds came rolling in with it. We didn’t get wet, but we got spat on. Everyone made it home dry for lunch, but it was not to last. The whole afternoon has been windy and raining and black! The winds have been just as strong as yesterday – today throwing rain sideways across the windows, yesterday it was just sand and dust blowing around. What a contrast!

But anyway, TK and I went over 17km. Mel and Chloe went about 24km! We were a little quicker than we usually are on a training ride, even though we walked most of it. TK was very forward, walking with a nice stretched out relaxed stride, but he did have a few silly moments. He tends to get wound up in the wind, and today was no exception. He was doing his silly face-pulling thing at a trot, but was really mellow at a walk. Just need to translate that relaxed manner into his trot now!

When I got home from my horse ride, Mat was baking bread (yum!) and I was trying to calculate the distance we travelled today, thus the discovery of! What fun! There’s also a MapMy Walk, Ride, Tri, Fitness, and a few others I think. They all require separate registrations, which is weird, since they all look the same.

My afternoon trip to Lake Dumbleyung to kayak was cancelled, the weather is just too wild for a first time on the water! Will try Wednesday morning, or this weekend, on whichever day I am not working. I also didn’t cycle. There’s usually a 4pm social ride down Police Pools on a Sunday, but I didn’t get any “where are you?” messages so I imagine I’m not the only one who said ‘no thank you‘ to a very wet and windy ride!

Tomorrows plan is the big hill run, followed by a swim, then … well I haven’t decided what my third sport will be. I need to make some alterations to my plans due to not kayaking or cycling today. I did have horse ride on my Monday plan, but since I rode today, and didn’t bike due to the weather, I probably should cycle tomorrow after my swim. I think that’s a really good idea!

RUN, SWIM, CYCLE! That’s a fun morning! Let’s hope there’s no rain to squash my plans…. or better yet, let’s hope that if there is rain, that I don’t allow it to be an excuse to squash my plans! 🙂


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