Saturday – 9th October – 21 days to go

Up at 4am.

Feed horses, make feeds, cook for humans, pack ute, hook up float, load horse….

Try again… load horse….

Erg! Arg! Call for calm!

Load horse…

We meant to be on the road by 5:00. 5:45am we hit the road.

We got about 60km away, started to do the maths and realised we were not going to make it in time. Briefing is at 7:45am, ride starts at 8:30am. I need to vet him in at some point before 8:30 and he needs time to settle after a 2.5 hour drive.

Guess what time we’re going to show up?


hmm… I know that if you don’t leave the start area by 8:45 you are disqualified from the ride. I don’t know if you’re allowed to ride the trail if you’ve been disqualified. We decide that it’s an awfully long drive for an incredibly uncertain result, so we turn around.

I will ride down Police Pools with Mel and a few other tomorrow, so will still get some distance in.

The horses spent the majority of the day grazing in the back yard – there’s nothing alive in the paddocks anymore, and it’s not even summer yet. It is promising to be a VERY hard summer. We will buy a large square bale to let them have free access to roughage, and keep the back lawn alive and let the horses graze as regularly as we feel the lawn can handle.

When we got home Mat had a nap. He really needed the day off anyway, so I guess it’s a good result for him. I took the opportunity to do things like wash my car and do … I don’t know, completely random stuff.

Later, we drove out to Lake Ewlyamartup to see if it will be a suitable training area for the kayak. I suppose if I don’t mind paddling on water that smells like dead animals, yeah, it’d do. Iew! And it’s only about half a metre deep at the middle. We agreed that a trip to Dumbleyung, though further, might be a better location. Dumbleyung is deeper, so even though it’s also very low this year, we are hoping it won’t smell quite so bad.

And then I had a nap. And Mat had another nap.

It was really hot and there was a viscious dry wind today. Although we spent most of the morning outside, after lunch when that wind picked up and the heat got over 30 we hid inside.

I guess I have another challenge with the weather now. As it is warming up, and far more quickly than typical, I will have to adjust to doing all this good stuff in the heat. That means more hydration challenges. I’ve bought a few different hydration mixes to experiment with over the next few days. I noticed on Thursday night that I felt really ‘sloshy’ and uncomfortable when I rehydrated after the run and during Attack. I’ve got a mix that says it has a ‘buffering system to prevent cramping’. Guess we’ll see.

And I’m having trouble with the clothing issue! My crop tri top chafes like a bugger. I went to SportsPower, our only sporting goods store, and they only have the exact same crop top like I already have. Even going up to a size 14 it still fit wrong. The cut is just too close under the armpit. My best fitting shirt that I could also swim in is way too hot to wear in this weather. Though it’s wicking, it’s a full torso top and it’s far too thermal! Don’t know what I’m going to do there. Trip to Albany? Yeah, but when!?
Both Mat and I can’t wait until the Blackwood is over. I may be training for an IronWoman event, but this is certainly not an individual effort. Without the support of Mat, especially, and my friends, family and co-workers, I would not be where I am or as close as I am. I owe so much to Mat… I am so grateful for his support.


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