Tuesday – October 5th – 25 days to go

I was thinking of swimming Tuesday morning, but it was only 8 degrees out. I decided that was foolish!

Went to work, where we had a yummy goodbye lunch for Linda, and then had Seniors Gym afternoon tea. I ate way too much!

After work I was going to ride my horse, but ended up visiting with my aunt for a good hour and  a half, which stole that time.

So I paddled for 2 hours.

My elbows, forearms and wrists were killing me!  I must get onto the water, because if it hurts like that doing it without resistance, how will I even get halfway there in the water!?


Finding that I am completely scatterbrained these days. Having trouble focusing at work, having trouble sitting down and just doing my plan for the Blackwood, having trouble remembering things. And getting really good at shuffling around my exercise scheduled based upon what I’d rather or rather not be doing, rather than what I need to be doing…

These last few weeks are going to be a huge test. We have a big month of events, including ‘the show’ which needs LOTS of attention and there is SO much to do! And it’s the week before the Blackwood.

I just hope I come back to normal when this is all over and can do my job again. And I hope my coworkers can forgive me for my lack of focus!


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