Monday – October 4th – 26 days to go

Got up at 6am for a bike ride, but decided to wait an hour – the highway was really busy with the early shift zooming up to Wammco, and it was really cool out – only 8 degrees. Cleaned up after last night’s dinner and headed out at 7am.

Did the Trimmer hills, and thought I was way faster than usual, but only had an average of 21.7 overall, so was a little disappointed. However, part of that might be blamed upon the fact that I found myself drifting off with the fairies on two occasions, waking up thinking, “What gear am I in!? Oh geez, no wonder I’m not getting anywhere!” I just completely went off into la-la land and forgot what I was doing and where I was! However, I did a few uphills with more strength and speed than I usually can muster, but still haven’t managed to beat my all-time speed record of 50.2kph down the big hill. Got to 49 today though!

When I got home I was SOOOOOOO sore! My butt was on FIRE, I couldn’t bend my knees! My calves were tight! I did work very hard, and I suppose Sunday’s run contributed, but I could barely sit! I was really working hard and sitting well back on my bike. Probably my best overall riding position of recent rides, actually. So, though not as fast as I would have enjoyed, I do have many positives to take from this ride.

I also got into the pool today! Didn’t do much for long. It was COLD! OMG! Took me ages just to get wet to the shoulders and then ages again to submerge my head but I have learned that:

  • I can do breast stroke. I can feel the shoulder complain, but it’s not twinging, just probably more of an unworked muscle than anything. I think as long as I approach the swim with some patience, this will actually won’t be too bad at all! (Phiew! Sigh of relief!)
  • I cannot in any way shape or form do freestyle (front crawl) with my left arm in proper technique! One stroke made me yelp! It was not good. I can, however, do doggy paddle the left arm and freestyle the right, and that’s the best I’ve got.
  • I can do side stroke laying on my right side, definitely not on my left.
  • I can do a wide variety of back strokes with sculling arms, and can even get the left arm almost in line with the shoulder for a big sweeping action, but is most comfortable just sculling at the hips.
  • I did not even attempt back stroke. Just seemed pointless.

Only in the water for 15 minutes maybe, back and forth a few times in the learn to swim pool a dozen or so times just playing with the strokes and seeing how it all felt.

Once I got used to the water temp and started to enjoy it, I remembered how much I love the water! I have motivational posters on the wall in the lounge and my swimming one says

Swimming is Freedom!

And it really does feel like that when things are going well! No wonder dolphins play so much! 🙂

Well, it’s lunchtime and time to get to work today. Body Balance tonight to stretch out my very sore legs! Breathe another sigh of relief!


2 responses to “Monday – October 4th – 26 days to go

  1. Okay, so swim is okay, even if not at stellar speeds. Bike is ok. Run is ok. Horse ride is ok. You won't win, but you'll finish!!!What's the plan for the paddle?D.P.S. I am so sad: my (very fast!) kayak and paddle are sitting in storage. I wish I could warp them to you!

  2. Well, currently the plan is to close my eyes and wish for the best!I am also sad your very fast kayak is in an anti-warp zone! 🙂 I'd also love some water to be warped over as well! heheheI have two friends with kayaks and will beg one off either of them. And then as I said, hope for the best on the day.Will do a long-ish swim tomorrow morning (that is to say "I will see how long I can swim for"), and a run. A horse ride after work today.Nearly there!

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