Sunday – October 3rd – 27 days to go

Slept well, got up and headed out for a run at 7am. Funny thing though, in my rush to get out the door I forgot to eat breakfast! I was aiming at 14-15km, but decided that 8 was far enough on an empty stomach! Did it in 48:11, which was, interestingly enough, the exact same time as my last 8k attempt. I wasn’t terribly impressed with myself for only getting 8km.

I decided I needed to run again, and did the same 8km loop and this time did it in 47:54 but I had to seriously push those last few metres to get under the 48 minute mark. I was fairly puffed for a few minutes after that sprinting effort. I am, if nothing else, very consistent in my speed, regardless of the conditions.

Both runs were very different. The 7am run was cool and misty, there was a fog and only about 100 metres visibility, and it was still and quiet – until I woke up every dog in the neighbourhood and probably also pissed off every single person in the neighbourhood! I got swooped by a lot of magpies busy defending their babies. Luckily, so far, I haven’t been hit by a magpie, but it’s not unheard of, so it’s a bit intimidating when they swoop down at your head and you can feel the breeze from their wings! Mostly it was quiet and other than feeling stomach cramps at about 33 minutes in, I mostly felt just a little heavy/sluggish. That’s fairly typical of how I feel when I exercise first thing in the morning.

The second run was at 2pm. It was hot (20+) and clear and windy. The wind was awesome because it cooled me and left me feeling really refreshed. I love the feeling of running in and out of the sun and shade along the road, I love the contrast. I also felt like the run took less time, partly, I think, because I had just been there and knew where I was going, whereas this morning I was making it up as I went, and wasn’t sure how I was going to fare due to the grumbling tummy! Also, the magpies weren’t swooping. I guess more of them were eating, because I saw a lot more on the ground.

I spoke to Graeme and will swim at 9:30 tomorrow. I am going to need a wetsuit apparently, as the water isn’t as warm as hoped – trouble with the electrics in the new heating system! Pooh!

Had a big day of cleaning, organising, rearranging the house. It sounds kind of lame, but I really needed to get rid of some of the clutter in the house to make me feel like I was more in control of my life and home. I have not paid attention to more than the bare minimum of cleaning requirements for much of this year and it was starting to weigh on me. Terrible timing, but I think that if there’s anything I can do to feel more calm, I should do it right now.

T&E came over for afternoon tea and dinner. I missed my bike ride (oops) and ate cheesecake instead. Oh yum! I do so love cheesecake! We discussed some of the planning for the Blackwood, looked over some of the regulations, and T&E offered to bring their caravan to the site for changes of clothes and showers. Not sure if I’ll need that much comfort. If I laid down on a real bed half-way through the competition, I might not get back up!!

Well, it’s 8:30pm and I’m feeling ready for bed, so I’m off!

Have a marvellous day!


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