Ride Stretch Ride Run Climb

I must learn to write catchier titles…

Feeling rather chatty today, so this is long and rambling. Sorry! πŸ™‚

Anyway, just because I’m tried and worried doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working out. The intensity has gone back down, but I’ll build it back up as I start to feel better.

Monday was the Body Balance launch, full version of release 50, and this has taken much of my attention over the last few days. This release, though, has been surprisingly easy to learn, and really is put together well. I am quite enjoying it!

Kirsty was on stage with me for the launch, thank goodness, because I had no idea about hips, twists and forward folds. Really need to work hard on getting those ones nailed … and I only have Wednesday morning left to fit in the training. Actually, hips and twists won’t be too hard, but forward folds does something funky to my hips and I must be doing something wrong, because Balance has never hurt before! Ouch! So that one is proving to be more of a challenge.

We had 10 beautiful and brilliant people to the Balance class, and it was a riot! We had so much fun, and really taught a great class! And I got nearly three workouts in, because I practised Monday morning, then Monday afternoon with Kirsty and then we did the class that evening. Awesome day!

I do like co-teaching, it’s fun to bounce of people and get the class involved, and to have someone showing the extra options when you really want the back row to see it and see it and DO IT! I do worry about some of my back row people who try too hard to work the high options. I also have those in class who will mimic me so precisely that hand signals get mirrored back to me, so you can imagine that when I change between a high and low option, so do they. So what option should they really be working at?! Anyway, I digress…

I also rode my horse Monday morning. It was a short, slow, quiet walk. Just a reminder to him that sometimes when we go out, we’re not in a rush. We took almost an hour to do about 3 or 4 kilometres. It was nice. The weather was great, it’s so spring now! Loving the change!

Just a little thing I was noticing about TK: he’s like one of those kids that always has a bandaid on something. He constantly has nicks, cuts, scrapes, bruises… he’s currently got a grass seed or splinter in his lip and ratty looking hooves, a good chunk of skin missing from a hip (courtesy of his mate Nero) and a new cut on his coronary band (that’s where the hair of the leg meets the top of the hoof). None of these things are serious at this point, but I just had to shake my head at him today thinking “You are going to be a very high maintenance animal, aren’t you?” I’ll need to wrap him in cotton wool to protect him from himself! πŸ™‚

Only had two people to gym circuit this Tuesday morning, so didn’t get any workout in there. Did some more office type stuff instead.

After work today I went for a bike ride. I did my standard hills, 22ish kilometres, and was curious about my average out and back. So on the way out I did the distance in 31:30 and an average of 22.6, and then came back in 30:29 with the same average! Very interesting, because there is significantly more uphill climb on the way back. In those 7km before the highway, I have only three short downhills, and was working at a low average… around 16-18 with the many long slow climbs. But then the last few k’s down the highway are ripper. It’s mainly downhill back into town and I was working at about 30+ so was able to make it up. On the way out, I am running a more consistent 20ish speed, and never max’d out over 38, but was able to get up to 50 on the way back. I guess this proves that it all comes out in the wash: that’s just how fast I am!

So, I have been browsing a few sites and came across a few interesting posts. This one from ACE Fitness looks like so much fun and I’m trying to figure out if there are any buildings in Katanning with stairs I could run. Most buildings are single storey, and if they have stairs, it’s just a few up to the front door. I think the Town Hall is the only building I can think of that has a full second storey that I might be able to get access to, but it’s only open for special events, so I don’t know if they’d be too pleased with me wanting to go in a do a stair run. But if you have stairs, check out this awesome workout!

When did I become a person who would think that stair running is fun? πŸ™‚ hahaha

Well, I’ll head off and make a little egg noodle and beef mix up something or other with the leftovers in my fridge for dinner.

Hope you’ve had a great start to your week!


2 responses to “Ride Stretch Ride Run Climb

  1. Oooh, I like the video.I also sometimes get the people who mirror everything including the hand cues. Not much that can be done. I think that those are the folks that are very visual and not one bit auditory.

  2. Let me know how your stair running goes :)It's funny those mimics. Sometimes it's frustrating, but on one occasion it was really helpful! I saw the mimic send back a hand cue that was really ineffective and actually quite distracting, so I stopped using it! πŸ™‚

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