To Bed to Bed Sleepy Head!

So, Sunday was a total bust, as mentioned, except in the field of cooking and baking. I made vegetarian sausage rolls, lasagne and three loaves of bread. I didn’t exercise. I was tired, and bummed out by the weather and Mat had to take off to Perth, so plans crushed. However, the house did get a nice once-over, which is always needed, so that made me feel good.

Monday morning, despite plans to do a horse ride and a cycle as well, I only ran. I was tired and finding it hard to get started. I knew if I got going I’d be fine, but was struggling to get off the blocks. Finally, after 10:00am I finally did an outdoor 13km hill run in 1 hour 19 minutes, and was REALLY pleased with that time. It was all hills and seemed much more uphill on the way back than the way out. I was just over 38 minutes to the turn around, so only took 41 minutes to come back. That’s pretty good considering that when you turn around you’ve got 1.5km of hill to get up, and also that I was wearing out and my last kilometre took nearly 10 minutes! I had slowed down a lot! Did I mention it was mostly uphill? 🙂

I worked that afternoon and felt thick and groggy most of the day, and taught Balance that night, where I did a sneak-peak at some of the new tracks that I will be teaching at the launch on Wednesday, and then home to bed.

I was SO SO TIRED all day. And can honestly say that I have been really really tired lately. Like sleepy tired, not sore or worn out tired. I may have even mentioned this complaint in passing recently. I put it down to not feeling well (I might have something going on with my gal bladder) and to training while not 100%.

So, this morning at Circuit I spoke to Mia, who is a kick butt runner. She is fast, efficient, and super fit. She recently did a half-marathon in 1 hour 44 minutes, and held back so her husband could keep up! That’s an average of 12.12kph over 21km! Oh yeah, that’s fit! Anyway, I asked her if when she started running if she felt tired and sleepy. And she said, “Oh yeah! Even when I started upping my distances to run the half-marathon, I had to make sure I took a nap after a run. You feel kinda crappy when you wake up, but you feel so much better the next day!”

Oh what a relief! I thought I was losing my mind, that I wasn’t tough enough that I was doing something wrong! Well, yes, I guess I was! I was denying my body the extra rest it needed after doing endurance exercise and should have not been resisting my desire to sleep. She recommends a 30 minute nap the day of your big exercise.

After Circuit Kirsty and I did some Attack and Balance training for the launch. That was heaps of fun. Man, I felt uncoordinated, but Kirst was able to see the foot strike I was missing in the warm up combo and we nailed that muther! Awesome! Only took 15 or so tries! hehe I did not too bad in Balance. It’s great to be able to discuss some cueing options with another instructor. “That seemed to work well, but what about…” it’s so nice to be able to bounce ideas off one another! I think we’ll have a great launch!

So, after that training, I had lunch and then taught my Seniors Gym class. Really, I don’t teach anything, I just visit and supervise. They’re all really capable and have been doing the class for so long, I feel like I’m more of a token element. But it’s a nice class!

After work I came home and had a nap! When the cat woke me up, like the efficient alarm clock that he is, I did feel a little groggy and ‘ugh, really do I have to?’ but now, a few hours later, I feel so much better! Oh my goodness, I am such a dork! It’s okay, I can take it, you can tell me!

Seriously, why did I think I needed to stay awake when I felt sleepy? I go to bed early, sleep in late, I’m obviously tired! So, why, when I could fit it in, haven’t I listened to my body!? Oh dear, when will I learn?

Tomorrow will be a great day, and I will include a horse ride and a bike ride and a nap!


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