Of Best Laid Plans

So, we had a plan. A good plan! It even got better and better as the week progressed!

Plan A: On Sunday, borrow Carl’s double kayak, drive 2 hours to Jay’s Bridge, paddle up and down the Blackwood River for awhile. Picnic, and drive home.

It eventually morphed into Plan B: leaving directly after work on Saturday and driving 3 hours to Bunbury and visiting my cousin overnight and borrowing his two kayaks and paddling up and down the Collie River for awhile on Sunday. Returning home either Sunday night or early Monday morning.

But Saturday night, when I got back from work, I was done! Wrecked! Exhausted! But I can sleep in the car (I always do), but unfortunately, Mat was also feeling rather destroyed. So, we decided to sleep on it, and get up and head to Bunbury Sunday morning. However, through the night we had very high winds and very heavy rains. And they carried on through the morning. We could wait and see if the weather would fine up and then revert to Plan A again, if we could still borrow Carl’s kayak. But it just didn’t seem worthwhile driving all the way to Bunbury with this weather all across the south-west.

But then Mat got a call from the guy in Perth who has a welder for sale that Mat’s interested in, and the guy is available after 11am today and so there goes the ute (truck) and Mat for the whole day.

Things definitely change!

So Plan C (or D, or E??) is to paddle in the lounge room, practice Balance routine, do laundry, make a lasagne, and relax a little! Relaxing is going to be high on the list! It’s been an interesting week… more about that later.


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