My Big Plan

So, this morning I am going to try to do all 5 legs in sequence.

The basic plan is to do approx 30 minutes of each leg, with a short break, about 15-30 minutes, between the paddle and the swim.

Here’s the basic plan:
– Run 5km loop
– Paddle in my lounge room for 30 minutes
– break 15-30 minutes to eat and drink a little, and change into bike shorts, saddle TK??
– Row on rowing machine to represent the swim *
– Put on track pants and riding boots for transition
– Ride TK around the track a few times, try to get a canter (or even a gallop??) out of him to get the heart rate up
– Strip off track pants and boots, put on running shoes
– Hop on bike and ride up highway 15 minutes and then back

* considerations:
Technically speaking, I should row and then hop directly onto a saddled horse and take off. Problem being that I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of saddling and bridling my horse and then coming inside to row, leaving him unattended for 15-30 minutes. Although he will most likely be perfectly fine, I’d hate for that to NOT be true.

Option: drag the rower out to the back door and watch him as I row…. that could work.

Also, I’ll be hopping off him, stripping him down and not doing a proper cool-down with him, as I really want to see how this transition between horse and bike feels. TK will be fine without the proper cool-down, but it would be much better if I had a helper.

I better go set everything up. This will take a little bit of organising!

Let you know how it goes!


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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