Why do we have Toenails?

This morning at work I ran over my toe with the weights trolley.

Well, ran over is a bit of an exaggeration. I pulled the trolley up onto my toe and then very quickly pushed it back off the way it came, so … never mind that’s just silly semantics. I don’t even think I got the whole wheel on the toe, just started to roll onto it and pinch it and very quickly shoved it back off! But those racks of Pump weights are heavy! And my toes are little!

We have two of these trolleys, and they are both full of weights!

At any rate, it was the toe next to my big toe on the right foot and the darn thing is purple and swollen and the nail is black! And it stings like all buggery! And throbs, too. I will save you from any photos of my terribly unattractive feet!

Anyway, a run was questionable (I could do it, but why when you know it’s going to hurt?), and hooking my feet into the half-clips on my pedals just puts pressure right on that toe! But I walked 2km on the treadmill and rowed for 10 minutes today, just to do a little something, and will paddle again tonight.

I am sure after a few hours of elevation (read: propping my feet up on the coffee table while watching TV) the swelling will go down and the pain tolerable and I’ll be back to business as usual. (Why do little things – like paper cuts – hurt so much anyway?)

I was going to lose that toenail anyway, and this might just expedite the process, which would suit me just fine. It’s really annoying to have your toenails hang on, then get caught on stuff, or sting when they are pressed by even a tight sock or sliding your feet under the covers. Once they are gone and grow back, they just don’t hurt any more!

Since I started this mad exercise thing, I have gotten very accustomed to losing toenails. I don’t think I’d ever lost one prior to starting my Blackwood training, but apparently it’s quite common in long distance runners. Does this mean I can call myself a long distance runner? hehe

Ever lose a toenail? Was it as a result of training, or an accident or something funny or silly? 

Any advice for preventing loss of toenails?


2 responses to “Why do we have Toenails?

  1. Nope, never lost a toenail. I've chopped of pieces of fingernails before tho. CA glue (superglue, crazy glue) works really well to keep them together until they grow out.

  2. I've glued a few fingernails back together in my day as well, but my toenails tend to lift from the nail bed and hang on just at the cuticle area. I'm not sure if gluing the nail back onto the skin is a great idea… but it could work! Currently I just trim and trim and trim until it grows out or comes away completely. Tedious!

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