Prepping for the Weekend

Well, quickly before I go on about getting ready for the ride, I want to take a short moment to brag about my Thursday.

Thursday morning I taught Balance, which I put a bit of extra effort into, and then after work I ran on the treadmill for 80 minutes! I travelled for 12km including warmup, and then cooled down for about 5 minutes, which I didn’t count in my distances or time, then had a quick bite to eat and a fruit juice to revive myself, threw a Berocca tablet into my water bottle and went to Body Attack!

Now, it wasn’t a pretty Attack. No impressive high knees or butt kicks, but I did do the high options throughout, and although I felt like it might a few times, it didn’t kill me! YAY! The very hardest thing last night was the ab track. My abs were trashed and this is the only track where I really had to back off. I simply didn’t have enough control to do the “full” exercise properly. Low options abounded here! However, I made it through 140 minutes of near continuous exercise last night!

I actually recon that’s going to be close to how I’ll feel going from the run to the paddle, and that’s a bit of a wake up call too! So much more work to do to keep the body going, especially if I want to be remotely competitive!

Did I mention that I’m competitive?

I got home and ate and showered and was in bed by 8:30pm. And then I slept through a bike ride with Helen this morning. I was meant to get up at 6, but didn’t see light of day until very near to 7. I really needed the recovery time, and am feeling pretty alright today! I need to do a big bike ride on Sunday. I have tenative plans to ride with Kirsty, but will go even if she can’t. Was hoping to do 80km this week, but looks like only 50ish for me this week.

If I get everything listed below here done and feel up to it, I will paddle for up to 60 minutes tonight, but am not expecting to get to that, as I have plenty to do! I need to pack for the horse, pack for the humans and prepare our food.

Prepare the horse:

  • saddle, bridle, blanket, saddle pad, halter, lead rope
  • hoof pick, stethoscope, brushes, thermometer
  • feeds (3 – one for the morning, and one for afterwards, and one for Nero), and feed bucket
  • water and water bucket
  • electric fence unit, electric tape roll, star pickets, post driver, insulators
  • trim TKs front hoof which has a funny crack that needs attention
  • TKs papers

Prepare for the humans:

  • helmet, jodphurs, a few different shirt and jacket options depending on weather conditions
  • chairs for the sitting around bits
  • food and water
  • money for entry, insurance, and hay or other eventualities if required

For meals I plan to prepare:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg and boston baked beans wrap
  • Snack: on the go fruit crumble and sustagen drink
  • Lunch: Tuna and spinach wraps
  • Snack: museli bars and fruit and/or polenta veggie muffins if I manage to make them

Because it’s only 20km and therefore only about 2 hours ride, I won’t worry about bringing a water bottle or hydration pack with me on the ride. However, I did have a water bottle holder for my saddle once upon a time, and they are very handy to have, and I want another one! Don’t know how I lost the first one anyway. I’d like a carrier that spans the front of the saddle, and on one side has a water bottle holder with a bit of insulation to keep the water from boiling, and the other side to be just a velcro pocket for slipping in a few jelly beans or something similar, and space for a camera! I haven’t seen one like this yet. I wonder if I can get one custom made? That’d be kinda cool!

We need to be at the ride at the latest 7:30am to vet in. It’s going to be a near 2 hour drive, so we need to leave at 5:30am. That means I’ll probably need to be up at 4:45am so I can feed the horses, feed ourselves, load TK, and get off in good time. It will be dark when we load, but should have light by just after 6am.

So I better get started!!
Wish us luck! I am hoping for a great day!


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