Trying to Decide…

I’m considering my gear for the event again. And I am debating a full length compression tight or a 3/4 length triathlon pant. Unfortunately, it’s proving hard to find 3/4 tri pants (with minimal chamois lining, they all seem to have full cycling padding), and I might have to go with an above the knee cut.

The big pro of the full length tight is that I can wear them for all events, including the horse ride. The negative is that it has no padding, so not so crash hot for the cycle. I can cycle without the padding, but would definitely prefer not to.

The big pro of the tri pant is that it has the padding, though just the barest minimum (or the swim and run would be quite uncomfortable). The con is that I’ll have to put on a pair of pants as I come out of the water and head to the horse. And we all know how hard it is to put anything on when you’re wet.

Mat has suggested that changing gives rest time, and I argue that I’ll already be slow enough!

If only I could find full length triathlon tights! That’d be perfect! But since that seems completely out of the question, what would you choose? I’m taking votes 🙂


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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