My Brain is Mush

I woke up early this morning, stressing about work, and since I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t think about anything else, I went in early and got lots done. Glad I went in early, because people started showing up about an hour early! ACK! Luckily we were almost ready for them.

The day was busy, and everything went really well. There were 42 teams, lots and lots of people, and food food food! Oh my goodness, if I never see another hot chip again…. *sigh*

Anyway, days like this are tough. There’s so much to do the whole day, and you just don’t take care of yourself, there simply isn’t time to do more that grab a bite of something, serve someone, put another bite in, run and fix something… I don’t even plan on bringing anything in to work on a day like this. It’s just pointless. I didn’t drink enough water at all, and I ate a spinach and ricotta roll (which was shoved in my pocket and eaten in mouthfulls between this’s and thats’s) and stole a few chips (french fries) when I had the chance. I snatched a few lollies from time to time, and afterwards we enjoyed an afternoon tea with the organisers, and I had a few delightful sandwiches and these adorable super-mini chocolate muffins. YUM!

And then, due to the fact that there was so much cleaning to do, so much money to organise, and a sick staff member, Kirsty and I worked at least an extra hour after it was all said and done so the place would be sort of ready for rollerblading.

And then, when I stopped, I just went plop! Oh my! Suddenly I feel awful! My neck aches, my feet ache, and my tummy is overfull of nothing good. I have eaten so many kj/cal today with so little nutrition, that I feel I should eat in order to put something of worth into me, but at the same time feel that I shouldn’t eat, because I’ve eaten about a weeks worth of sugar and saturated fat and definitely am not hungry.

Am going to relax for awhile, and then try to row or paddle or just a little something at a low intensity to work the kinks out, maybe do a few Balance tracks to ease everything back into place. Yes, that Balance idea sounds like the best plan of the lot!

Due to sick staff member, I will be going to work tomorrow, from 7:30am to 1:00pm. I will take TK for a ride after work, and then the farrier is coming. A run after the farrier will be great if the weather is nice.

Sunday is a social bike ride with all the Katanning riders with their new jumpers. We all have new Katanning Kruisers cycling shirts and we are going to be getting our photo in the paper. A long paddle is also on the cards for Sunday, and I think I should ride TK again, as we only have two more weeks to prepare for the endurance ride. I’m thinking of just doing conditioning laps around the track. 1 lap walk, 1 trot, 1 walk, 1 canter, repeat. If we need to do 20 km and the track is 1.8km long, that’s … (oh damn, math) … 11ish laps. Probably should do 12. Boring, but I’ll bet we’ll get more out of it than our little forays down the rail line? I’ll call it a conditioning ride, and the rail rides a training ride. šŸ™‚

I love semantics.

Hope you out there have a marvellous weekend!


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