Attack, Runs, TV, and Rain

Wow! The rain… let me tell you! The rain has not let up for 18 hours! It just keeps coming down and down and down! It is so wet out there! An outside run was out of the question today. And I decided I would rather not plod on the treadmill for 12km. It just seemed too boring.

But an hour of Attack! That seemed like fun! And it’d still be awesome for my fitness. It’s so much more fun to have a bunch of sweaty people bouncing around and a cheery instructor shouting encouragement. That keeps me going!

So I came home from work and made chocolate chip cookies!

Then I knew there was no way I was missing Attack! I am sure there’s twice the calories in cookie dough… and I ate about 6 cookies worth! Ugh! What a mistake! hahaha  I love the taste so much, and yet I know it’s going to make me feel ill. Weird how we do these things to ourselves!

Anyway, show up for Attack, and it was just the instructors at first – Kirsty (Attack instructor), Amanda (Pump) and myself (Balance). Then Kez (PT) showed, that’s another instructor, and finally Robyn, an actual participant/fitness enthusiast! That makes a whole 4 participants. Not enough for a class. Pooh. Where are all the participants? Probably stuck in the mud out there somewhere!

So after some deliberation, we decided to go for a play in the gym. I set about my run, and did 6km in 41 minutes flat, including warm up. So nowhere near my intended 12km, and much slower than my usual average (but I took a nice long warm up), but still a workout, and it was fun, because we all just had a nice chat while working out. We tried working out a few ideas to increase the numbers to Attack, including moving the time and the room so it’s less intimidating to people.

It’s really unfortunate that people are scared of Attack, at least that’s what we are guessing is keeping them away. People have heard that it’s hard. And then they just don’t come and don’t just try. We just aren’t sure how to make the class seem more accessible to people. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

So, looks like I’ll be well rested for work on Friday, and will be doing a spin and paddle Friday after work if I’m not too mentally fried. Maybe I can paddle while Better Homes and Gardens is on. I really like that show! It’s one of the few I watch regularly, and even know that it’s on Friday nights. All the other shows are like a lottery or surprise to me. “Oh really, is that on tonight?” I never know! I think that’s kind of a good thing. TV isn’t all that important and there’s not that much I can’t miss!


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