Seeking Opinions

So, tomorrow is Thursday. I am scheduled to do a small morning paddle, and after work I am planning a 12km run and/or Attack.

Last Thursday I actually thought I could probably get away with doing both the run and Attack, so was thinking I’d plan for that for this week, and prepare better recovery food and drink to follow the run, stretch out for longer and then head to Attack. I really want to support Attack. The numbers are a bit down (due mainly to the weather) and Kirsty is instructing on a painful knee and it seems like a bit of cheerleading for her might be a good thing.

But Friday is going to be a monster work day with another 500 or more people to feed as we host another major sporting carnival.

This means two things:
I am likely to be tired after two plus hours of high intensity exercise and may not be at my best on a very busy work day. Maybe?
But it also means that I am unlikely to work out after work on Friday, so could probably use the extra training on Thursday. After days like that, I tend to just want to plonk down and rest. It’s mainly a brain thing.

Friday may be a big day, but surely the push of the day, and just meeting the demands of the moment will keep me going until it’s all over, and I can be exhausted at 4pm on Friday and rest then?

What would you do?


I'd much rather know what you think... let me know :)

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