Ode to My Horses

Okay, not an ode. Not even poetic. But cute.

I did this cute little equine personality test to see what it said about my boys.

Nero is a Goddess (poor thing, he’s going to get a complex)

Your horse is a …SECF – The Goddess

The Goddess is loved by most of the other horses and most people. They are expressive and sensitive and emotional. You will know how they feel. They try very hard to please and will worry and be anxious if you are not happy with them. In the negative they can have scattered energy that is hard to get focused. This personality can be loved on as much as you want.

Here’s TKs results, and it seems to be very true for him!

Your horse is a …SLAA – The Lone Wolf

Low key, low energy, low expectations, are what you need to work successfully with this type of horse. The Lone Wolf is not bursting out of his stall to try to fit into your program and to please you. He is easily content and can do a good job for you as long as it is not demanding physically or emotionally. He likes his world predictable and safe. He would rather be a little bored than stressed. If repeatedly put into pressure situations he can react seemingly unpredictably. If you can find a quiet solid job for him, he will perform it repeatedly and safely.

Nero and TK are both affectionate and curious, but Nero will be the one to open the gate, break into the feed shed, get stuck in the fence and otherwise cause havoc, then look at you to fix this (afterall, it’s my fault for leaving temptation around, isn’t it?)

TK? He’ll just stand back, watch, and shake his head.

Love my boys, they are so funny!

Now I’m off for my ride!


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