How good was this week?

I had a great week!

I did everything (yes everything) I said I was going to do, and have really found my new priorities to be really working for me.

This Saturday and Sunday will be the first two days that I will not be able to accomplish everything (yes, truly, everything!) I set out to, because I have to work today and tomorrow.  People are falling down sick all over the place and we have some massive events this month. Also, my bike is in Albany getting serviced, so I can’t even spin today.  These are all great reasons for having a break!

So today will be a rest day, and tomorrow will be a compressed workout following work (I should be done by 12… 1 at the latest), and then back on track with my workouts on Monday. And since I have the whole day off Monday except to teach my class, I can make up for my missed workouts. And get some more gardening done too, I hope!

I will also make bread today.  Mmmm… Loving fresh home made bread!

I am so happy to be eating well, feeling energised, and working through everything on my list. Even the dishes are getting done!

Plus, Dana sent me a link for an idea called “mobilisations” to see if it will help with my tight glutes and hamstrings, and I tried a few different things at work today during a few lulls. And I feel GREAT! The simple point that resonated with me is that purposeful repeated movement that feels good will help stretch, heal, and relieve! And it does! So no more just whining, doing a small stretch, and then carrying on with sore muscles. It can be worked out gently and progressively!

Thanks so much Dana! Great link!


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