Thursday’s Run

Couldn’t sleep last night – or early this morning, I suppose – and so I got up at 6am and, after blogging, I paddled for 20 minutes.

Then I did all those morning things one must do to get to work.

I taught Balance at work, which was lovely, and after work I went for a 12km run.

Once again, I tried to talk myself out of it, but couldn’t, so off I went! 🙂 I’m going to have to get over that habit, since it only seems to result in wasting time!

I walked much of the first two kilometres, because I was just so tight, and was really worried about my ability to finish. And yet, in I came, in two minutes less than the last 12km run I did (which was when?  AGES ago), and in the end, with less trouble, pain, and tightness. I came in like Hop-Along Cassidy last time due to serious knee pain. No knee pain here today! Woohoo!

In fact, although I didn’t go to Attack afterwards, I think if I had prepared better food and recovery drinks following the run, I would have actually been able to do Attack. Not well or anything! But still, I think I could have done it!  As it was I devoured a chocolate bar when I got in because I was just so aching for sugar!  It had been a few hours since I had last eaten, so I think the delay was the culprit.

My hamstrings and glutes are really tight – and that’s not in the bragging way (ooh, look at her tight butt) 😛 – they are really short and sore!  And a few more stretches and a nice warm bed will do the trick I am sure!

One thing I think I have learned is that I need a much longer warm up for my runs, and will start experimenting with different warm up routines, because as I am going out now, the first two kilometres are really painful, and then I loosen up and get moving well … and I really don’t want to spend that long aching on each run!

Any suggestions for good warm up routines to get the glutes and hamstrings loosened up?

Tomorrow we are having dinner at T&Es and at some point I am going to do a long paddle.  I will just see how long the body allows me to go for! Should be fun!!  I sure hope there’s something good on TV!


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