Last Three Days of Workouts

So, I started a new workout schedule that has horse riding as my number one priority.

Monday morning I got up and rode TK. We did our lessons for about 45 minutes, and then went out for just a walk for another 45 minutes. It was so great to just do that first thing. If I had farted about and then did a run or a bike ride or paid the bills, I could have dragged any of those tasks out and felt too time poor to ride. But I took the time I wanted to do my ride, and then fit in bill paying, dishes, etc when I got done. And everything got done.

Monday’s are meant to be a recovery run, but after Sunday’s effort a run wasn’t on the cards, my body just said no, so instead I walked for recovery. Much better!

Then at work, I taught Balance and enjoyed the long stretches!

Tuesday I taught Circuit, and I didn’t do the complete circuit, instead I focused on doing some inner thigh strengthening exercises to see if this helps with my running strength, knee pain. I did some lunges and squats as well.  Not a full workout by any stretch of the imagination, just what I could squeeze in between teaching the new participant how to perform the exercises safely.

After work I really really struggled to do my bike ride. I tried to talk myself out of it in a dozen ways. As it turns out, all my excuses were rubbish and I went anyway.  I did one hour of hills, with a 21.7 average, on a bike that is driving me crazy because it needs a tune up and keeps changing gears at random!  Not nice when cruising up a hill and it shifts to a harder gear on you! I must get my bike serviced, and soon! 

The only thing I’ll have to take into account on my Tuesday bike ride is that I am riding at 4ish (I didn’t actually get going until 4:20) and the sun is getting low in the sky. Sunset is at 5:30, so I just need to be sure I don’t leave it much later.  I am riding into the sun on the way out and the sun is at my back on the way home, which should mean that drivers can see me, so I should be fine, but it did make me a little nervous seeing the sun so low in the sky.

What was nice about the ride is that I took it at my pace, so sometimes quite slow on a few climbs, but I still managed to stay above 20km/hr. Perfect, if I can start to improve upon that, I will have no troubles!

Wednesday was another horsey ride. This one was a bit shorter, just over an hour, but a longer ride out, no lesson in the round yard.  We did walk/trot this time, but focusing on getting an energised walk.  I think the only thing I should have done is gotten started earlier in the morning. But that’s alright, mission accomplished.

Following the horse ride, I was scheduled to do a 1 hour recovery bike ride, but I wanted to add in a 5km run, because Thursday is meant to be my race run (12km hills), and I thought that I really needed a build up run and to see how my legs were doing. So, I opted to spin for 30 minutes and run for 30 minutes so I could still get to work on time.

The spin was good, and the run was slow and easy. I tried to not look at my running time. I was stiff and sore, so I just ran for the feel, and loosened up.  I did end up looking at my watch in two places, where I have ‘outs’ or shortcuts, in case it was taking a long time, but I was actually doing fine. It was my slowest 5km run yet, but only by a few seconds. Fastest 5k = 29:04, Slowest = 30:47.  And I did feel much better and looser for doing it!

To stay in line with my goals, I actually turned down a bike ride with Helen. Although it would have been a great ride, I feel quite good that I stuck to my schedule, as I am sure I wouldn’t have accomplished everything I wanted to.

Then Balance, which finished things off nicely. Sometimes, though I wish I could just hold a stretch for longer… but I think my class would be very confused by that! They know the choreography as well as I do  now!

After work I was meant to do a 20 minute paddle, but I was so tired I crashed at 9:30, and decided to do it this morning. This has worked out well, because I couldn’t sleep and so finally got out of bed at 6am.  I’ll get my paddling done, get rid of last nights dishes, and head off to work!

Tonight is my race run. Friday is a riding lesson and more paddling. Saturday and Sunday need some rearranging because I am working both days.

Interesting little side-bar: I have been caffeine free for about 5 days now, and I feel great for it!  I am drinking more water, feel more hydrated, and in the last few days have been much happier! I only drink tea, who would have thought I could notice this much difference!?


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