… And Another Thing!

I posted yesterday about arranging my gear needs, and the very moment that I logged off I realised I neded to add something.

People!  I need people! 🙂

Supporters, cheer leaders, and most imporantly (and even more selfishly) people who will carry stuff around for me!

Since the race starts in Boyup Brook, and travels 57.5km via road, track and water, and finishes in another town, Bridgetown, I need people who will take my kayak to the start of the kayak leg, and then take it to … wherever things go after they’re not needed anymore!

I’ll need someone to drive the horse to the start of the ride, vet him through, and hold him as I come out of the swim, then pack up all my gear and move to it to the end of the horse leg, where my bike gear will need to be waiting for me.  And I’ll need someone who is willing to carry both me and my bike across the finish line.

🙂  Fun!


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