Quick Stats

Just looked at my totals in my training log and was quite pleased with the results.

From December 1st 09 to 30th May 10 I recorded my swim, bike, and runs.  My totals were:

  • Swim: 7km
  • Bike: 517.05km
  • Run: 234.84km

I did record all my other sessions, but they weren’t itemised in the same way as I have done for the second half of my training.
Total training sessions for this period: 186 
Added note: this was during a period of 182 days, so just a fraction over one session a day.

From 31st May 10 to 23 July 10, my distances were:

  • Swim: 0 (no pool, afterall)
  • Bike: 269.46km
  • Run: 72.4km (hmm, I think I need to pick this back up. It’s looking kinda slack!)
  • Horse: 39km
  • Row: 8.53km

Total training sessions in this period: 122
Added note: this is during a period of only 56 days, so my rate is up to 2.2 sessions per day

Only 99 days to go!

So a lot of work has been done, but there’s plenty to do!  My training session rate is up, but I want to do a lot more running and horsing around.

The suggestion has been made that I should try to get someone to ride TK since I don’t seem to have the time.  It’s a good suggestion and I am going to bring it up with a friend.  Wish me luck with that!

The sunshine is increasing, and my energy is generally on the upswing, so I am looking forward to increasing my duration and intensity!!

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