Challenging Day

It’s about 6:40ish pm as I start this, and I’m tired.  I think I’ve done well all day.  I suppose it wasn’t all that bad… but still …

I’m a bit doughy in the morning, but I got up on time, despite how cold it was, and started to work through my plan.

My plan was interrupted in two ways:

  1. No hot water – frozen water pipes. 😦 No shower!
  2. My cat peed bloody urine in one of the kitchen cupboards!  And not swearing ‘bloody’ but urine with blood in it!  That is bad and definitely requires attention.

This meant that I didn’t have a shower, and also that I ended up not paddling for 10 minutes, because I was cleaning up cat pee and trying to defrost pipes with the water in the kettle.  No luck with the pipes, should have just paddled.

Change of plan:

  1. Call vet to get an appointment as soon as possible.
  2. Shower at work after I teach Balance (yes, this works just fine!)

I am done work at 3:30, and got the appointment for 4:15pm for cat and dog (who needs vaccinations), which I figure means I can still get about a 5km run in (3:30-4:00pm), get the animals to the vet, come home, eat a bite, feed T&E’s cats and dogs and fish on the way to class, go to Attack.

My plan was interrupted in a few ways:

  1. I got done work at 3:30, but really didn’t take into consideration how long I needed to get changed, warmed up, cooled down and redressed in civilised clothing.  Run = 3.5km, not 5km, and certainly not the 7 as booked in my training schedule.
  2. Appointment took a lot longer than I thought. I took the dog in for his vaccinations and it turns out he has a heart murmur.  The cat has a bladder infection (or a stone, but we’re going to hope it’s an infection first), and possibly hyper-thyroidism. Oh great!
  3. Get home from appointment after 5pm, feed and dress the horses, and decide to do T&Es animals and then return home to change (bad idea).  Everyone got fed, came home, can’t find the house key. Not in my pockets, not in my car, not under the seat, not on the ground, not anywhere. Return to T&Es and search for key. Nothing.  Return home and search for key again. Nothing. Buggery!  Find spare key, get inside. Search for something to eat… last two pieces of bread. Out of peanut butter. Blah.
  4. Cat pees on the floor in the kitchen!! What the hell!!?!??! Clean up cat pee for the SECOND TIME today!! Grr!!
  5. Growl in frustration, sit down, turn on the computer, forget completely about getting changed and heading to Attack, consider making a cup of tea… Look at the time… oh shit!! It’s 6:30!  I’ve missed Attack by a million years! (It starts at 6). So I paddle instead, but that’s only 10 minutes…

I should have just changed and gone over.  I should have realised I only had just enough time as it was, let alone if something went wrong. But you don’t think of these things, do you?  And I was totally distressed by losing my key. I keep my house key on a separate ring so I can carry it when I leave for a bike ride or run and not need my car keys or work keys.  I suppose the good thing is that I haven’t lost all my keys.  Of course, if it had been on the key ring with everything else, I wouldn’t have lost it… but I digress…

Anyway, I did paddle for 10 minutes, so I’ve done that, but I feel just terrible for missing class! I was really looking forward to it all week!  But just a few minutes of disruption to the plan got me completely off course.  I should get myself a workout DVD to do at home in cases like this.  Or maybe I should cycle for awhile to make up for it?

Well, now that I’ve blah’ed all that out, I think I’ll make some bread, maybe watch some TV, and hope Kirsty forgives me for missing class.


One response to “Challenging Day

  1. If anyone can take a day like that and recover, it's you. *hug* These days happen, and they make the good days every so much more enjoyable.Take care, and I hope tomorrow is great!D.

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