Two Hours Continuous?

Was I was biting off more than I can chew!?

Two hours of continuous exercise five days a week is a bit of an elusive goal, it seems.  Okay, I’ve only been working towards that for a few days, but so far, I’ve only managed that one day of cycling on the trainer.

Better to be positive!  I can and I will do this, I am capable, I just need to work harder to achieve it!

On the positive notes, I have done three days of very intensive gardening, for no less than 3 hours each day, and that sure felt like exercise to me.  This was no ‘pottering amongst the petals’ but weeding, digging, mulching!  Lots of wheelbarrow and shovel usage!  And I was quite sore after each bout of gardening, but highly satisfied with the results. So though I won’t count it towards my training, I will call it low intensity long duration endurance activity! šŸ™‚

Last night I obtained a paddle, so I paddled for 5 minutes, and really felt it in my shoulders.  That will take some development, so I am glad I have the paddle now and am not just going to jump in unprepared at the race.

I went for a bike ride today with Helen, Sue and Steve.  It was 3 degrees at 9am, and upon our return it was only 9 degrees.  It was cold, but a bright and sunshiney day with not too much wind.  We did the Police Pools Road, which is about 25km return, and I struggled to maintain a 27km/hr average with the group.  They frequently had to drop back, pick me up, and I’d keep up for awhile, then fall back.  I felt laboured in my breathing and just generally ‘not strong’.  Every day is different, so I suppose that’s what happens.

We are planning to ride to Kojonup – 45km with good hills and usually a strong head wind – on Sunday, leaving at 6am, and hopefully arriving at 8:30am, and enjoying breakfast at the Road House. Most of the group will also be riding back after breakfast, but, although I was saying to Steve at the start of the ride this morning, “that 60km ride really boosted my confidence”, I am now doubting my ability to stick with the pack for the ride out, let alone the trip back.  I guess we’ll see.  If worse comes to worse, I can call Mat and he can come pick me up, right? If less than worse comes, I’ll just take longer and do it at my own speed.

I was going to follow my bike ride this morning with a run for up to 1 hour (aiming for that two hour goal), but I wasn’t feeling that great so I just did the 1.8km loop at the race track and followed that with 7 minutes of paddling.

Positive thoughts for today:
– I went for the ride, I did what I promised myself I’d do!
– I listened to my body and worked with the energy I had!
– I am developing great shoulders and improved upper body strength by paddling!


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